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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tonight's picture walk...

All I can say is "Wow!"..... If been a blissful state of a whirlwind friends...... Between it being the end of the school year and a few retirement celebrations.... Lets just say its been very busy around my little corner of the world! Its a bitter sweet feeling knowing I have taught in the classrooms of Southern Pines Primary for the last time after so, so many years! But, with retirement from education affords me the opportunity to spend more time on my Carolina Stitcher business and you guys~ By late 2017 I hope to be offering faster finishing timelines and offering more Carolina Stitcher products~ More to come!!   For now, I will offer this picture walk showcasing your beautiful stitching coupled with my finishing skills.... Enjoy
Carolina Stitcher zipped bag sets are still very popular...
Pears & Strawberries
Stacy Nash 
Sewing bag
Tis Spring
Blackbird Designs
Quaker Handeworke
With thy Needle &Thread
Land of Liberty
With thy Needle & Thread
 And, on a personal note......
Much love to all of you...... Faye