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Monday, July 17, 2017

July picture walk~

Greetings friends and fellow stitchers~ Summer is flying by.... mid July means intense heat, beautiful summer sunsets and lazy days in the sun..... And, lots of stitching & finishing, of course~   Here are a few of your finishes that have left  my craftroom recently..... Again, I always want to thank you for trusting my creative interpretation to take your beautifully stitched pieces and finishing them into treasures~   
 Carolina Stitcher zippered bag sets remain one of my most popular products~ 
 Blackbird Designs~ Bluebird
Victorian Mottoe hand dyed cotton cluney lace
Shepherds Bush kit
Shepherds Bush kit~  Make Merry
Lizzie Kate stocking
I always use piping & a coordinating lining
Shepherds Bush stocking
Next blogpost I will be featuring  a collection that I stitched and finished by Hands on Designs~ Cathy Habermann's "At the Beach"  really spoke to me, so I stitched a few to display at my beach condo.... I received a lot of positive feedback on my Facebook page, so I will show you more soon.... Until then.....
Stay cool, enjoy your days and happy stitching~ 

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Tonight's picture walk....

I thought I'd sneak in a few photos of Carolina Stitcher zippered project bags tonight before we all pause to celebrate Independence Day on Tuesday~ Whether you send me a stitch to insert, ask for a contrasting fabric on the front or want a plain front bag; they are very nice when organizing your  projects.... So, here goes.....  
Primitive Stitchers Society 
Facebook group

(This is my new favorite fabric!!) 

Threadwork Primitives~ Star Spangled Pinkeepe
Blackbird Designs~ Spring Tulips
A dear customer had the talented artist, Michelle Palmer, mail me her inked drawing as an insert in a bag.... I was so impressed with Michelle's beaitiful work, I had to order one for myself! 
Michelle Palmer's artwork, on both tea dyed muslin and stationary, can be found on her Etsy site.... 


Theeadwork Primitives~ Land that I Love



With thy Needle &Thread~ Brambleberry Bunting

 Well..... thats some of the bag orders I have been filling this past week.... I will resume with finishing orders and the like this coming week~ Until next post, happy stitching and happy hearts~




Monday, June 26, 2017

~Feathered Nest Pin Book~

Good morning friends! The weekend is behind us..... Time to get our Monday on~   Id like to share a stitch and finish that just "spoke" to me the minute I laid eyes on it.... As a member  of the Stacy Nash Country Sampler Girls Club, when I received the May kit, it screamed summer to me~ The slightly softer color palette, the unique shape and finish and the opportunity to put my Carolina Stitcher spin on things elements were all there....  So, here is my interpretation.....  

 I love the dainty strawberries and the sweet bird...


The oval shape is perfect and the lattice work stitching was a great compliment.... Gentle Arts Carriage Black has beautiful mottling.... Its actually more dark gray's than black...


 Black seam tape is attached to close the book... 

Here is where the Carolina Stitcher spin on things are revealed... I couldn't have the inside remain plain... So I appliquéd a strawberry to push those pins in to... Its a Pin Book after all......

A few French Knots to represent tiny strawberry seeds... A small stem... You get the idea... 

So, if you are a member of this fantastic stitch club through Country Sampler of Spring Green, WI and are interested in my help in finishing, please give a shout out... I am on Facebook and of course, you can email me or comment here on my blog....Perhaps you have another stitch but like the finish style.... I can help you with that also..Just let me know~ 
Make it a great Monday!!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Tonight's picture walk...

All I can say is "Wow!"..... If been a blissful state of a whirlwind friends...... Between it being the end of the school year and a few retirement celebrations.... Lets just say its been very busy around my little corner of the world! Its a bitter sweet feeling knowing I have taught in the classrooms of Southern Pines Primary for the last time after so, so many years! But, with retirement from education affords me the opportunity to spend more time on my Carolina Stitcher business and you guys~ By late 2017 I hope to be offering faster finishing timelines and offering more Carolina Stitcher products~ More to come!!   For now, I will offer this picture walk showcasing your beautiful stitching coupled with my finishing skills.... Enjoy
Carolina Stitcher zipped bag sets are still very popular...
Pears & Strawberries
Stacy Nash 
Sewing bag
Tis Spring
Blackbird Designs
Quaker Handeworke
With thy Needle &Thread
Land of Liberty
With thy Needle & Thread
 And, on a personal note......
Much love to all of you...... Faye