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Finishing Services

I'm so glad you're interested in my finishing ...

I provide all the fabrics and embellishments unless you need something specific... If so, just send along with your stitched goodies.... If you're sending a kit, please send the printed materials so I can use as a reference.

Here's a breakdown of what I offer....
Small ornaments, pin pillows are in the 24.00-25.00 range.
Diddie bags, mid-size pillow, needle cases are 22.00-24.00.
Larger pillows, large stockings, items mounted on distressed boxes are 24.00-32.00.
X-L Shepherds Bush stockings are 44.00.
Table runners, wall hangings are quoted based on size.... Usually 25.00 and up....
The With Thy Needle & Thread pieces that incorporate hand appliqué and the row of antique buttons are 48.00.

Project bags
11x14......... 26.00
6x8 accessory size...16.00

A few examples of the project bags are shown below.

I will sew an insert you've stitched in the front of the bag, or you can have one made without stitching in the front~ They are fully lined with zipper charm included.
I add mailing cost to these prices.... I accept personal check... There is about a 8-10 week turnaround time right now~~ if you have a rush job, I'll be glad to work with you~~

Photos of my works can be seen throughout my blog..  If you see something you'd like me to reference, just email me my blog post date, and I'll try to replicate ... 


Project Rolls

20 inches long..... With 2 ties to secure.....

Quilted cotton fabric to lay your linen on.... Rolls out about 14 inches~

Rolling up will keep your linen without fold creases....
The ends are secured with round, fabric covered discs....

Your project is safely rolled up inside....

Secured with nice ties... And subtle Carolina Stitcher accents...


I take your request of fabric colors and go from there... You may mail me your fabric (half yard of both outer and lining fabrics~)... If so, your price will be 30.00 instead of 32.00....