Friday, July 31, 2009

Jolene's gift has arrived!!

I am so happy to say that the give away from Jolene arrived to my house and my DH brought it with him to the beach last night....OH I a lucky lucky lady!~ First of all...the cute stitch bag is to die for! Then inside, there is the Live,Love,Laugh La-D-Da graph!~ AND 3 Gloriana silks that are just beautiful...ALSO, there is a very large cut of linen and a pack of needles!~ I just love what you sent me Jolene...I am going to start this one immediately as I have never ever ever used Gloriana and they feel absolutely wonderful to touch....Thanks again so very much for the give away. I am on top of the world as being the recipient of this lovely gift!!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

updates from the beach!~

Well.....difficulty from the beach posting but I will see if this post goes through...

I have been a stitching machine of late!~ Just got the fire in me to do some finishes I guess. I have a great friend lend me her sewing machine so I was able to sew up my stitching pouch. This is the first time I have put one of my LHN in something like this as a finish. I thought the needlecase and pouch turned out pretty a-ok and I plan on using them alot!!

I am posting my La-D-Da Quaker Alphabet also as my WIP...I just began it over the weekend and although it is EATING UP my Belle Soie, I am enjoying it!! Since the fabric is Weeks 30 ct, I decided to use 2 threads in my needle for adequate coverage. I think it will be great once done. The colors are Cranberry and Moss..The moss is actually so dark a green it looks dark grey.....ya know/?

Last but not least....I finally finished the sampler for JCS....I had started it back in Feb and the photo is not really a good one, but the sampler actually turned out nice. It is not "my" colors at all, but since it is different I really like it...anyways, will put this one in my "to be framed" pile!

Signing off from Cherry Grove for now...only 2 weeks until I am back home and getting ready to busy up my classroom for school to start back! This summer has flown by!!!! Have a great weekend everyone!!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Another view of my craft room..

I wanted to share another wall of needlework from my home craftroom. You will notice many older patterns...Many having dates from the 1990's when I was really getting into samplers and such. I actually face this wall when I am sitting in my stitching chair, so I get to look at them often. You will see La-D-Da, LHN, Indigo Rose, Bentcreek and several more....Well, just a quick post today. I am spending some much needed family time at home this week. Then back off to the beach for a while until school starts back....The end of August will be here before I know it!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Cool give away ya'll~~~

I had to mention that if you go to there is an ultra cool giveaway of the La-D-Da chart "Live,Love,Laugh"... You know I want to win that one b/c I LOVE LOVE LOVE La-D-Da!~....go check it out!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Beach Cottage

Since I just finished this LHN Beach Cottage I had to get busy and pop into the frame..Luckily it called for a standard size frame which I had on Viola!~ It fits in just perfectly here at my beach place. The colors are really calming and for you LHN lovers, this one is a must.
I am headed back home to NC tomorrow to attend my friends wedding...Could you image being in your 50's, never married and getting married now? YIKES!..Actually he is an awesome person (as is she..) and they are perfectly in, I say go for it! They will make an awesome couple!
I will sign off until next week after my return to the beach! Faye

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Queen Bee and the Beach

What can I say?? I am feeling like a queen here at Cherry Grove Beach! And this LHN design is oh so fitting as my DH is constantly saying me and/or the beagle are the queens of the house....I love putting together the LHN designs as they are fairly quick and cute. This one is done on 32 ct flax linen using specified CC flosses. I put it into a scissor case with matching scissor fob. The pinks,golds and black are vibrant and its a piece that will make you smile. Who knows...maybe it is mine to keep or someone elses in an upcoming exchange...will have to wait and see!!

Heres hoping all of you queen bees out there are enjoying your summer. With only a month left before school resumes, I hope to fit more stitching and sunning into my relaxing schedule! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July Everyone

Hope everyone has an awesome Fourth of July!~ I made this little ornament last week. It is by Triology and I used specified colors. I did use buttons I had on hand though. Stay safe and enjoy the fireworks!~