Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Today's picture walk.....

Greetings friends!! I've been on a whirlwind of traveling before school resumes soon.... And, I've dedicated time in my craftroom when home~ I wanted to share a few goodies that have made their way back to their rightful owners.... Bringing your stitching to life by creatively finishing is my passion...... Enjoy!

Acorn Gathering Sewing Roll~ With thy Needle & Thread
Folds three way

Embellished with antique buttons...


Pocket for necessities, wool for planting your needles and a handmade woolen acorn....

Halloween Year H is for Halloween~ Homespun Elegance

Lizzie Kate~ Nevermore


Plum Street Samplers~ Merry One


Plum Street Samplers~ Merry Two




Pineberry Lane~ Fancey's Sunflowers


Pineberry Lane~ Fancey Blackett October Ride


Shepherd's Bush ~ Fall Ewe All


More to come soon..... I have so many bags and rolls headed to upcoming retreats as gifts for stitch friends.... Perhaps I will able to show them soon~


Enjoy your week all!