Saturday, February 27, 2016

Today's picture walk.....

Greetings all!!! It's a glorious Saturday morning here in the Carolina's~

I wanted to share a few finishes that have left my craftroom headed back to many of my customers for them to enjoy~ So many of you have had busy stitching hands these winter months~

Little Stitches Handwork Club offered by Notforgotten Farm




Moss Creek Designs~ Oval Shaker Box & collection






Primitive Hare Christmas Bunny as seen in the 2015 Christmas issue of PunchNeedle and Primitive Stitcher Magazine





Notforgotten Farm


Pineberry Lane~ This is my work~


Mounted on an antique spool cabinet....


We can only imagine how many spools of thread stayed in this antique box over the years... This treasure was given to my customer by a dear friend who knew she would enjoy it's heritage... Of course, I left every speck of dust right where I found it.....

Edged with custom cording and a spool charm attached~



A roomy Carolina Stitcher project bag.... Note the tiny bees in the fabric pattern...I had an immediate connection with those bees and the phrase "Practice Patience"....

Shepherd's Bush~ Enjoy the Day~



And a few stitches and finishes I have completed for myself......



Blessings Be Thine by With thy Needle & Thread....

All specified supplies used, coffee stained Pom-Pom trim......

Rather than framing this stitch, I made a padded board so it could lean on my metal stand I purchased last year from Hobby Lobby.... ( I see photo below showing the versatility of this stand)



Fabric covered padded back...


Remember when I introduced this unique finish using the metal stand back in July 2015??


I have treated myself in purchasing some exclusive Norforgotten Farm fabric sold by Spoonflower, Inc. I love all of Loris fabric designs, and chose this fabric to make my first ever Carolina Stitcher project bag using her signature fabric....


Well.... That's it for today.... I will intice you by mentioning that I soon will be introducing a unique travel/storage bag for those of you who use scroll rods... It's a large "sleeping bag" to slide your project in~ More to come very soon!

Happy stitching everyone!!!!!!




Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February Picture Walk....

Hello friends! As February slips by, many of us are looking ahead to warmer months.... Myself included!

I love being able to creatively finish your cross stitching into useable treasures..... Here are few from my craftroom that some of you now enjoy....

Merry Christmas~ Samplers Not Forgotten~ JCS Ornament Issue 2015

On Redware Rd~Scarlet House~

Wonderous Noel~ Homespun Elegance~
Faith~ Nikycreations( JCS Christmas Edition magazine)
Folk Tulip~ Little Stitches Handworke Club~Notfirgotten Farm



Valentine~ Country Rustic Primitives


Leaping Stag~ Threadwork Primitives

An alternate finish.... You can find this unique frame at Hobby Lobby...



Peace Rose in the back; Gathering Basket in foreground~Blackbird Designs~

Liberty Angel Sewing Book~Little Stitches Handworke Club~Notforgotten Farm~




Hannah's Brownstone~Scarlet House~ Dyeing to Stitch Prim Club... Stitched over 1 this is beautiful and the perfect size for a Carolina Stitcher project bag (12 x15")


Here is a sneak peak of a canvas bag I will be offering at the upcoming Primitive Stirchers Retreat in Atlanta GA March 31-April 3.... I will have a limited number of bags to offer in this slightly heavier fabric....The dark slate gray color is eye catching as are the unique randomly placed words...It feeds my need for springtime!

Carolina Stitcher Project Bag

That's it for now friends..... My time in March will primarily devoted to preparing kits for the upcoming retreat along with making many bags and project rolls to sell in the Merchandise Mall at the retreat... So many of you will be attending this event, however if you cannot come for the classes, you can always purchase a ticket to shop the Merchandise Mall.... The vendor list is amazing and you'll find many unique treasures!


Happily stitching,