Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A little progress and a LOT of rain!!!!...

Greetings everyone!! I am writing from my remote site at Cherry Grove Beach, SC and wanted to just post a little update on things..... So here you go.....

This design by Pineberry Lane was too much fun! I am more than likely going to make this one a second time for a gift....

Ditto on this lovely by Paulette Stewart's Plum Street Samplers....

Lastly, here is my progress on SoHRH...... Loving this nautical themed larger piece...

Well, Signing off for now....Will be home in about a week..... Hoping everyone is enjoying the fall weather and cooler days!!


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A few WIP and a little finish~~~

I was thinking if I posted a couple of my WIP's it would inspire me to go ahead and put some attention to them and finish them....or at least put a dent in them~~~ So, here you go....

I LOVE prim designs and this one by Pineberry Lane is no exception.... I had some fabric called "Days Gone By" and thought it had the perfect look!
Merry Christmas Hanging Sampler
Pineberry Lane

And, here is my progress on "Hare's Christmas" by Plum Street Samplers...I love the GAST shades of Baby Spinach and Cornhusk together.....I guess I am about 1/3 into this piece....
Hare's Christmas
Plum Street Samplers

And, here is a funny looking picture of the block of Shores of Hawk Run Hollow I am currently working on.......

Shores of Hawk Run Hollow
Carriage House Samplings

And a look at the whole piece so far......Not quite half done on this one..........Gotta get back to this one....Thank you Edgar for inspiring me to pull it back out~

And, I did have a finish this week....I had across this pattern by The Gentle Art called BerryThief..Although it is one I had done many years ago for a friend, I decided it needed to be done once more~~Since it has a bird in it, I KNEW I had to do it..........Besides, some of my favorite GAST threads are in this one.... Dried Thyme, Black Crow, Cherry Bark, Tarnished Gold and Autumn Leaves.........I forgot to take a snap of the prim buttons I used on the back to attach the ties.....
Berry Thief
The Gentle Art
circa 1997

So, there you have it....Make it a great day everybody!!! Our last official day of summer!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Edgars fantastic giveaway~~

Psstttt..... Go check it out....Edgar is having a fantastic giveaway~~~~

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Well....My fall themed tree has come together~~~Finally!! I just had to show you how great this beautiful exchange piece from Berit looks on my tree....I can hang it on a cupboard door knob or have it showcased in my tree......LOVE IT!
Here is the full length view of the four foot decorated tree...... I still have room for a few more ornies, so I may work on a couple more fall-ish goodies....
I did end up putting the La~D~Da Letters & Leaves ditty bag at the top of the tree...I like how the foliage pops out of the top of the bag as my tree topper....
You know Homespun Elegance is one of my all time favorite designers so I had to put my new little "Boo" ornie front and center!!
Then at the foot of the tree, I have placed several goodies that needed a flat surface.... I think these fill the space quite well....

And, then next to my tree is a basket filled with a few more things that make me smile.... Do you know I have a thing for birds??? Ironically there is a bird on each item in this basket~~

So, there you have it.....It is a glimpse of my corner of the world...I sit in my craft room "Happy Chair", stitch and gaze up at my tree when I get in from work.......At night, with the clear lights glowing on the tree, it is really quite relaxing....
I hope everyone has a great day....We are headed to Chapel Hill for a big-time football game between North Carolina and Georgia Tech.... The men left out at 545 this morning to get the grills and tents set up...........We feed a crowd!!~~~ So, go Tarheels and hope you have a super great day~~~

Friday, September 17, 2010

Here is the cutest little pumpkin...for me!!!

A few of us have been exchanging each season this year in the
Friends Stitching Through the Seasons Exchange....

I have been lucky enough to have Jill as my exchange partner and she has made me a one of a kind piece yet again!! Is this not the cutest little pumpkin you have ever seen???? It is put together beautifully and has an actual stick used as its stem!!!..... GORGEOUS in person!!! Along with the other goodies of pretty napkins, a pumpkin needle slide, a pen and a Kelmscott Thread Keep.... I have been truly been blessed by Jill!!!

Prairie Grove Peddler Pumpkin
Friends Stitching through the Seasons Exchange
Fall 2010

Up close view of the pumpkin
corn/pumpkin side

Up close view of the pumpkin
Black cat side

Well....I am off to decorate my fall themed tree in the craft room....... I hope I have enough to fill the tree.....If not, I GET to stitch more~~YEAH!!~~~
Here is hoping everyones Friday evening is fantastic!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A "Tweet" surprise!!!

Dear Peg of Lightening Fingers has surprised me by sending me the cutest little green prim bird!!!Isn't he the sweetest??? I had been admiring it on the header of her blog and lookie lookie...It comes to MY house to live!!! Thanks so VERY VERY much Peg....What a beautiful addition to my craft room...I think he will be out visiting most every single season!! Your generosity overwhelmes me!
And....speaking of being generous.... Many many months ago Cathy gave me her Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffet chart....out of the goodnes of her heart, no less!! And, I stitched it up but, failed to finish it off..... So, here she is....in a little round box with a few of my pins scattered about.......
Shakespeare's Peddler
Jenny Bean's Pin Tuffett
40 ct linen...specified overdyes

So, there you have it..... I hope to be decorating my fall themed tree in the next couple nights... It has been alot of fun fabricating these little smalls.... And, I plan on enjoying the tree until it is time for the Christmas tree to go up!!!
Happy hump day everybody~~~ ((Hugs)) Faye

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A gorgeous exchange piece and a couple finishes..

Words cannot describe how beautiful this pillow from Berit is~~~ I was lucky enough to be her exchange partner in the Autumn Exchange and my package arrived today~~~ This gorgeous double sided pillow is a Homespun Elegance design called "Joyful Autumn". The most beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon attaches at the top and sides and the fabrication is beyond words! Thank you SO MUCH Berit for making this for me...The Quaker theme is perfect as is the colorways you chose!!!! It is hanging on my cupboard door as we speak!!

( Front) 30 ct WDW Straw linen
WDW Red Rocks, Terra Cotta, Indian Summer
CC Almost Auburn
(Back) 40ct Barn Owl linen
Love the personalization on tbis side
Additionally, last night I finished a couple little pieces that were waiting for me patiently....Here is the flower portion of "A Stitcher's Companion" as found in Blackbird Designs book called Honeysuckle Manor.... I attached it to a small Lang box I had on hand and used some prim trims
to make it into a pin cushion...
GAST Shutter Green

Lastly, I put together another pinkeep last night.....It a pattern that Brenda of "With Thy Needle and Thread" had put out as a freebie.....I experimented with my Sulky thread in the pumpkin...Different look for me, but I thought it all came together... Coincidentally my buddy Karen had posted yesterday that she had made this same pattern and her finish is stunning!!! Go check it out here...
With My Needle and Thread freebie
Hoping everyone has a great Tuesday evening~I need to get in the kitchen!!~~

Monday, September 13, 2010

Things are "falling" into place....

Things are moving right along with a few more of my fall finishes.....Glad to see my pile is dwindling down and soon I will be ready to decorate my craft room tree....

I love Milady's Needle and even though this pattern is meant for Christmas, I decided to try it out using my Autumn Leaves by GAST.... simple with homemade push pins and a contrasting ribbon for this little pinkeep....
Milady's Needle
Christmas Elegance

Then I ran across this little chart with nothing but leaves by Nancy Spruance Designs.....It was a freebie and I loved the variations in the fall colors..... It goes so well with the cute pincushion Amy made for me a few months ago....

Nancy Spruance Designs
Autumn Leaves with DMC floss

Then there is the Stitcherhood Autumn freebie.... I like to use the hemp braid on many things and thought it would work on this little pillow..... Using Victorian Motto Sampler threads and a leaf button.....
The Stitcherhood
R&R Sea Fog 30 ct linen

Last but not least, here is a little ditty bag I made up using one of my all time favorite designs by La~D~Da called Letters and Leaves....I don't know how many times I have done up this design, but I knew I had to use it and put an autumnal twist on things....

Letters and Leaves

Well, gotta finish up in the kitchen...... Hope everybody had a great Monday~~~

Take care, Faye

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Second post today....fallish finishes!!

A while back I posted that I had stitched this baby up both the Christmasy way, as designed, and a fall themed version I came up with....Well, here is the fall version finished up....a little pillow to tuck in my tree...And, since Blackbird Designs lend themselves to that time worned look, I added a piece of lace and an old button...
2004 JCS Ornament Issue
Blackbird Designs

And, I came up with a finish for the new freebie design by Sandra Sullivan...I have noticed several people stitched this piece, as found on her blog "Plain and Fancy Merchant", and I decided to keep things on the prim side and not go overboard with the finishing... A simple button with a scrap of ribbonand some twine.....
Plain and Fancy Merchant
2010 "Boo" Design
GAST Black Crow floss

Okay.... Gotta get in the kitchen to stir up some supper...........BIG NFL game on tonight!!! Have a good evening everyone~~


What to do when you can't sleep....Sew of course!!

Too tired to even sleep last night......Does that ever happen to you???? So, I knew what would relax me....Sewing seams, adding buttons, tying ribbons and the like for my fall themed tree.... Here is what I have to show for last nights little insomnia project...

I found this cute pattern I printed LLOONNNGGG ago from The Floss Box blog and had just never stitched it. So, last month I played with colors and this is what I came up with.....Put it into a "stitchers companion" using Gloriana silks on 40 ct flax linen.......


And here it is opened..... I used Moda fabrics with trim and rings I had on hand.... Added some handmade pins and overdyed threads.....


I couldn't resist the little charm that says "grow".....Just the extra touch I was looking for in my button box...

Up close front

I also put together a couple pillows....Here is one I had stitched earlier this year and just not fabricated....Shakepeare's Peddler's "Count your blessings" sounded so fitting for my fall theme so I rounded up the fabrics and a round wooden button......

"Count your blessings"
Shakespeare's Peddler
40 ct linen, specified threads

And last but not least....I have had this sunflower stitched up for a while.... Long ago I enjoyed doing samplers by City Stitcher.....This is a portion of one of those samplers....I had gotton so frustrated with stitching it, I had thrown it in my "never want to touch it again" basket.... I had miscounted so terribly on the rest of the sampler, I didn't want to finish it....BUT, I DID want to salvage the finished sunflower portion..........It looks crooked in this picture (oops..) but, I wanted to share it with you also......There is a little satin weaving going on in the center of the flower and lends an interesting texture....

"Into this Garden"
City Stitcher
Natural 28 ct linen, DMC threads

Well, back to finish the last of the cleaning of MIL's condo...turning in the keys today as I am done.....Its been a long 2 months.... But if she were here, I think she would be proud of the work me and my family have put into taking care of her affairs
and getting things finalized... I still miss her so much, but know she is smiling down on me each day!
Make it a wonderful Sunday everyone, Faye

Saturday, September 11, 2010

It never hurts to ask~~~

I am feeling so reverent today.....9-11 has been on my mind almost constantly today.... Wow, 9 years ago our world in the US was rocked and look how things have changed since then.... I think we should all pause a moment today to remember those fallen.

I do have some good news to share....I stopped by one of our local "treasure find" stores this afternoon only to spot 4, count them, 4 gorgeous flower frogs!!! I have been scouring my local area for glass flower frogs for about 2 years now and then today, out of the blue, I find 4 of them!! AND, I wouldnt have known about them at all if I hadn't paused at the counter as I was leaving and asked the lady if they had any........ so, now they are mine~~~~

As you can see, I don't have the collection of scissors I hope to have one day...but, now that I have the frogs, I can focus on yet another thing to collect...more scissors~~~

That's it for me....I am going to finish up at MIL's house tomorrow and turn in the keys to her condo.....All I can say is thank goodness for storage facilities!!!

Take care, Faye

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Some sharing and a "Day of Caring"

First off, happy nearly TGIF!~~~ Whew! It has been a week and once this weekend is behind me (moving all mil's belongings into storage), maybe I will be able to breathe a little~~~

I did manage to put together a couple things the last few nights and here they are...I just love ANYTHING Primitive Bettys puts out and here is the little "Crow" freebie design done up with a key charm attached and some of my old ball fringe as trim....
Crow freebie
Primitive Bettys designs

Secondly, I hear Becky SC has received my Autumn Exchange....Funny story behind this one.. I had planned on sending Becky both the LHN "Blessed are the Peacemakers" pinkeep and a pin pillow.... With everything going on in my life lately, I failed to remember I had let myself run out of crushed walnut shells!! So, what was a girl to do??? I mailed off the pinkeep so I wouldn't miss the deadline....So that was Part 1...Then of course they called me to say the walnut shells had come in...(drawback of living in a small town...) So............

Little House Needleworks
Blessed are the Peacemakers
Specified thread pack
Part 2 of the exchange will be going out tomorrow.........If you are reading this Becky, be on the look out!!! I actually made the one on the right for Becky and the one on the left will be going out to Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Threads...
Nancy has a wonderful ebay business selling hand dyed threads and she has never let me down with my orders.....I thought it was time to send her a little goodie.........

Pin pillows with homemade pins

For many years now my husband has served on the board of United Way of Moore County. It is something he thoroughly enjoys and tomorrow is their "Day of Caring".... Community leaders will actually visit the facilities who are recipients of those United Way donations... They roll up their sleeves and do what they can to help out, whether it is serving food, stocking the pantry, handing out donated clothing or the like... I just wanted to say thanks, not only to him, but to all my fellow bloggers who support the organization or cause of their chosing to help make the lives of others a little brighter in their time of need.....That's what its all about!
For now, I am headed to the kitchen to put together the supper meal!~
Take care, Faye

Monday, September 6, 2010

Its not that I haven't been busy.....

I really really have!!!! Just can't show the pictures of those finishes quite yet....But, going in the mail tomorrow will be my Fair and Square Exchange, Stitch it and Pass it On Exchange, Stitching Friends thorough the Seasons Exchange and the Autumn private exchange......Whew~! THOSE pieces have been stitched and finished up and packaged.... What fun to participate in these exchanges and share the love of cross stitch!

Now.....here is what remains in my "to be finished" pile.......... For the tree in my craft room of course! Lordy, I need to get busy!!!

Big ole pile of fallish stitches to be finished!

More to come.................... Faye

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well, we made the trip to Chapel Hill yesterday to put flowers on the headstone....but I got a little side tracked.....

If you are ever in the area, you really must stop by Thimble Pleasures Quilt Shop!! It is really a nice shop filled with all kinds of temptations!!! I fell in love with the fat quarter bundle in the "Adoring" series by Sandy Gervais for Moda......This picture really doesnt do the beautiful antiqued Christmas colors justice....16 fat quarters... And with my ever growing pile of smalls, I see several of these puppies being used for Christmas 2010 gifts!~

Oh, and here are the flowers we put on the headstone.... This is first of one of these I have ever made and plan on making it a little fuller next time....But I purposedly used flowers Nannie had in a flower arrangement at her house...She and I had bought them about a year ago and she loved putting flower arrangements together....So, I thought it fitting
to repurpose them....
Ok guys....time to get in the kitchen....I've gotta stay tuned to the weather channel and the storms due to hit the Carolinas....YIKKESSS...It could be a rainy Labor Day weekend!!