Sunday, November 28, 2010

*** A new blogger to welcome~~~***

I was so happy to see that Nancy of Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe has started up a blog!!! You guys REALLY need to go visit her as she has the dreamiest threads you could ever want and she is also designing cross stitch charts!!! Go HERE to check her out!!!! I knew you would all want to welcome her to our "world" of blogging!!!!

Have a good week everyone~~~ Faye

4 down.....many more to go~~

Friday and Saturday turned out to be productive for me....I found my creative mo-jo and set my sights on a finishing frenzy in the craft room.......I'm just not one for the Black Friday Sale-a-ramas...So, I got busy at home....

First, I wanted to make something a little different with the recent freebie that Nan of Threadwork Primitives designed......... I just added the 3 little motifs at the top and here is what I came up with...simple and prim... Thanks again Nan for all the wonderful designs you continue to give us!!!

32 ct coffee stained linen
Victorian Motto burnt red thread
Victorian Motto grass green thread
Next I wanted to make a pin keep with the recent freeibe from 123citrouille I had shown you in a recent post...I even used some old red thread I found at my moms on Thursday....No telling how old that thread is but it was strong enough to use when lacing my linen and backing fabrics.....

If you think you are seeing double on this design, you are....I had made one of these LHN ornaments for the PALS retreat back in October....Amy had posted that she got the ornament and she loved how I used jingle bells in place of the specified candy cane button....So, I decided to make this ornament in a similar fashion....Just different lace and ribbon............

Little House Needleworks
Peppermint Twist
30 ct Vintage Buttercream
specified threads

Lastly I will show you the little stocking I had found while blog surfing by hearty-craft...I love stitching up her freebies and this one was no exception!!! Quick and monochromatic....Just like I love it....And, of course I used overdyed thread~~~
36ct natural linen
Cranberry Belle Soie silk thread

So, I am headed back to the craft room......I plan on taking a peak at my much neglected BBD Anniversaries of the Heart series piece I am working on..... Or, then again, my sewing machine just might turn itself on and expect me to whip out a couple more finishes........... We will see!!
Have a great Sunday everyone!!! ((**Hugs**)) from me to you~~~~~ Faye

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Will YOU be a weekend warrior?????

This morning when I pulled out my shoebox to survey my collection of Christmas smalls, I was kind of taken back at what all I had squirrelled away between last December and now........
Merciful Fathers in Heaven!!!......
I guess you can say I LOVE stitching smaller I proceeded to lay them all out just to see what all I had and I think I will definitely be a weekend warrior in setting my sights on a few finishing completions!

Can you tell what they are?????

Time will tell.......

Enjoy your day everyone....I will be in the kitchen cooking this afternoon and tonight in preparation for tomorrow........... After tomorrow's travels, visiting and eating, you will find me in the craft room!!!!

Take care, Faye

Monday, November 22, 2010

****Seeing Red !!! ***

No.....I'm not mad.....I am just wanting to tell you that I am loving this new blog I have found...It is so french inspired and has several freebies you can access..........Here is the one I started last night and finished tonight............. It can be found HERE and really is a quick little stitch!!

36 ct creme linen
Dark Red Splendor silk
Here is a not so wonderful closeup of the teenie tiny date I slipped into the border...Don't blink, or you will miss seeing the 2010..............

Hmmmmmm.....Now how will I finish this???????? I will put it in the pile with the others and see what inspiring thoughts come to mind!!!
Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!!! ((**Hugs**)) Faye

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday's finishes......

Sometimes, when I really like a design, I will stitch it more than once....It seems I doing more and more of that.... I know last Dec/Jan after Christmas, I fell in love with an old freebie by Tokens and Trifles because it was simple, quick and could be a gift to about anyone.... Today, I finished off the finished stitched pieces and this is what I came up with....

I like the ribbon because it has a red bird on it...So, I anchored it down with two button stacked on top of each other...As you will see, I have fallen in love with the French General design of fabric by Moda as my backing fabrics.....
Here is a better peak of the ribbon and the loop it forms.... I guess you could actually hang these as ornaments or tuck it in a basket as a pillow....Nevertheless, my mom, sister and brother, who I rarely get to see, will be getting these little gifties at Thanksgiving......
Here is a better shot of the backing fabric and the ribbon.....

Then, I went back to my basket of finished stitches to see what else I could sew up today....And, viola!!! I had made two of the same tree pattern earlier this year as well.... I used Splendor silk thread on creme 36ct linen..... Those European gals can really come up with some gorgeous designs and I happened to find this freebie on Aliolka's blog........ Here is the link to her blog....

Again, I am using Moda fabric as my backing fabric...The green fabric is in the Adoring line by Moda.......The red is the above mentioned French General line by Moda.....

Red version

Green version

I like these because they are a little less over powering but still in the red/tan/green shades..
Well, time to get in the kitchen............ It was balmy here today which means we are grilling tonight!!!
I hope everyone has had a super weekend!! Make it a great week everyone!!! Faye

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stash diving and something new!!!

First I need to thank many of you for wishing me well....My sinuses are MUCH better and I feeling back up to par....Although with the changing of the seasons here in the Carolinas, it will probably flair up again....Hope not!

I was digging through some of my past stitches to see just what I had on hand I could finish into ornaments and lo and behold I found 3 of the same pattern I had made just after Christmas last year...I am sure they were out of a JCS magazine but I just cannot remember which issue... I think these will make perfecg small gifts for my family when I see them at Thanksgiving...I need to get busy finishing them this week!

And, dear sweet Fiona of Australia, has sent me a little kit I can make up for my pink basket!!! What a surprise I had in my mailbox today when I saw she had sent me this kit....I love it Fiona and will certainly be making this up soon!!! It even came with floss and the backing fabric included!! Thanks again!

Lastly, I have a crocheted scarf for a co-worker....She doesn't do crafts but loves them so...
When she asked me to please make her a scarf like those I like to wear, I couldnt say no....So, she bought the prettiest shade of red and here is the final product....I think she like it alot~~~

So, I am signing off...Phillip has his college sports banquet tonight and the golf team will get their ring for doing so well in the Junior College National Finals this past June...I cant wait to see those young men beaming with pride tonight~~~
Make it a great Tuesday everyone~~~ ((Hugs)), Faye

Monday, November 8, 2010

A quick update....Flowers of the Field.....

I am running on empty tonight!!! You know that tingley feeling you get in your sinuses when a head cold is coming on???? Well........That's me .....Felt it coming on all day and just had to push through my day until I got home..... So, tonights post on last nights finish will be brief...

Blackbird Designs has done it again with this quick stitch...I love the soft colors...Btw, if you are stitching both the Sewing bag and the pincushion as shown on the chart, be careful when using the Fool's Gold thread.....I only had a 4 inch piece of that color left and I had no frogging at all.... And, my Barrell Cactus was much greener than the pale flowers that are showing on the chart....But, I still like it.... Just an fyi......

Here is the sewing bag ....
Blackbird Designs
Flowers of the Field
32 ct Weekes Buttercream linen
specified overdyed threads
Here is the pincushion.....
Blackbird Designs
Flowers of the Field
32 ct Weekes Buttercream linen
Specified overdyed threads

So, that's it for me...... I am hitting the sack!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Weekend celebrations....

We had the best time this weekend!!! Today included a trip to Chapel Hill to the church my husband attended as a child...There was an "All Saints Celebration" celebrating the lives of those church members who had passed away over the last 12 months. Ada's name was among 5 who had died ,so there was a celebration of life in her memory... It was all very touching and we were all glad we could attend.... She would have been so proud...

We also went by the cemetary and put out new flowers...I know it seems like I may be rushing things a little, but my husband and I talked about it and decided to forgo the fall flowers since the holidays are nearly upon us....When I got there and saw that many other families had done the same thing, I felt better about it....I just hate rushing the seasons...

And, I have the best news to report about my Saturday visit with Barbara! We were able to spend a few hours together...she is doing remarkably well... Her surgeon says her healing is moving along nicely and she is anxious to meet on the 23rd to discuss her chemo treatments... We talked and talked about you marvelous stitchers out there and how uplifted she has been by reading comments directed at her.... She is truly appreciative for the prayers and continued good thoughts that can come her way...Barbara is a fighter... And she was a smiling fighter when I gave her this fob with scissors to begin her "Pink Basket".... It was a joy to stitch and I know it will love its new home!
Lastly, I have packaged up Nan's giveaway winnings and hope to get by the post office tomorrow after work....Mondays are CRAZY at school!! AND, I have a small goodie going out to another follower....Its a surprise of who it is going to or what it is......I sure do hope they both like what I am sending.....
So, this weekend at the Riggsbee house has been all about visiting, honoring and showering others with gifts..... Gives me the warm fuzzy I need to jump start another week!
Here's hoping everyone has had a good weekend and lots of stitching to fill these chilly nights!
Make is a good week~~~ Faye

Friday, November 5, 2010

Giveaway winner and my friend Barbara~~

Drum roll please...****The winner of my little Followers Giveaway is....
NAN of Nans Needlework Notions
Congratulations Nan!!! Email me so I can get your mailing address for this package of goodies!!!

Followers Giveaway
November 2010
And, I have heard from Barbara a couple times since coming home from her surgery.... she is hanging in there and will know more about when her chemo starts in a couple weeks... She wanted me to pass on these words....
"....Thank you for being the wonderful friend you have always been. I want to especially thank all of your followers for the prayers. I truly felt every one of them! Please let them know I am feeling stronger and feeling very positive about the outcome of my treatment. I am putting on the armor of faith and hope and with the power of prayer with get through the chemo and beyond."
Thanks again everyone for all the hope of healing you pass on to others you dont even know.
Here's hoping everyone has a fantastic fall weekend.....get those recipes out and start planning menus and make lists of things to get done before the last minute!
Take care, Faye

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

**** Simplify.....****

Just to let you know....Betty Dekat of primitivebettys has done it again!!! Another freebie I could not resist!!!

Betty has a definite flair for the prim and eye catching designs I gravitate to.......... Thanks again Betty for all the contributions you make to the stitching world with you wonderful array designs!!
Okay....back to the job at hand.....stitching~

Monday, November 1, 2010

"~~Thank you Followers" Giveaway~~

Okay followers~~~ Here is my
"Thank you Followers" giveaway!!!!

I will be drawing names on Friday November 5th....The only rule is that you must post a comment on this post only and you need to be a follower of my blog............That's it, plain and simple....
With thy Needle & Thread chart:CS46 St. Noel
36ct linen
(3) Victorian Motto Sampler threads
(2) Moda fat quarters
2 yards of my favorite prim hemp rick rack
I have actually stitched this chart and loved it....The directions are wonderful and I cannot wait to put it all together in a finishing detail............... The linen is suitable for this project or any other where you need a fat 1/8th of a yard......Of course the threads are heavenly soft and so easy to enjoy...Then the Moda fabric and trim...Well, used it on this project or whatever you choose!!
Good luck everybody..........I am so thrilled to be offering this giveaway as a way of saying thank you for inspiring me to stitch and blog...........
Take care, Faye