Saturday, June 25, 2011

exchange updates and many humble "Thanks~~"

First off I would like to thank so many of you who took the time to send comments and compliments on my recent Patriotic finishes...I truly appreciate all of your words of support!! I did receive several emails about the exact finishing technique of Liberty House..... The piece is indeed double layered with wavy edged felt and then the Victorian Motto faded red chenille is glued around the stitched piece...Here is a slightly better shot up close....

I love using Victorian Motto products and her shades are perfect for that worn antiquey touch....Nancy is a joy to deal with and I highly recommend your visiting (here) and seeing for yourself!


I have had a couple exchanges land in my mailbox so here are the results....

I received from LindaPA these wonderful RED squares in our Blackbird Designs Fair and Square exchange....

Blackbird Designs
32 ct linen
npi red silk

Beautiful no???   I have got the perfect finish in mind and they will be placed up front and center in my "red" basket....Thanks Linda, they are just bea-u-ti-ful~~

And, I too, had stitched Linda squares in exchange.....Here is a snap of what I sent to her...(forgot to snap the square with our initials on it....oops...)

Blackbird Designs
32 ct neutral linen
specified overdyes

She says they match her bedroom decor nicely and will be finished and used in there...Glad you like the selection Linda~~

In the Hooked on Exchanging exchanges, I was fortunate enough to Edgar's name....How cool is that??  We knew it was to be Praire Schooler designs and each person got to pick which season they wanted as their theme....Edgar chose "Fall" so I came up with this goodie from the PS October leaflet..

Edgar said he loved it especially since I tucked in a few size 28 needles and a few of my homemade pins....Hope you enjoy this needlebook Edgar!!

Quess what my dear husband brought to me yesterday (yes, I am at Cherry Grove Beach....) It was a wonderful package from JanetB.... She had my name in the HoE and my chosen PS season was summer...
How blown away was I when I opened the package and saw this????



A perfectly stitched and sewn wall hanging from Janet!! It is absolutely stunning and finished to perfection....I LOVE this piece Janet and truly appreciate the lovely work you put into making this for me~~ Again, I have the perfect spot for this goodie to hang!

Well, that's it for me for a little while...I will be posting again after the week of the 4th of July..we are readying for a family gathering here at the beach, so I will be busy, busy, busy!~ So, with that, I will leave you with a picture of my best friend and assistant.....

Happy stitching everyone!!!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

My last day in the craft room......very Patriotic~~~It's a GOOD thing!

Is that title mysterious enough????  Well, today is actually my last day in the craft room at its current location....Tonight and tomorrow we will be packing, loading and moving my dear son to Charlotte to his new apartment to ready himself for college.....I will be an empty nester! YIKKEESS~~ The upside to all this, is that the downstairs rec room, that he has been using as his bedroom, will now become the new and larger craft room~~ I am excited and terrified all at the same time! Packing stash into boxes kinda shakes you to your core..... Moocho stuff!!  So, I will be taking the next month or so to unpack, organize and get things just like I want it.....I'll keep you posted!

Today, I had 2 orders to finish up for a couple ladies....One has asked to not post the photo since it is a gift for her sister that probably will be reading the blog....The other finish made me laugh....Check out this verse.............

I have no idea who the designer is, but I had to laugh!!  I will show the rest of her Christmas ornaments I finished for her another time.....I wanted to get to showing you my patriotic finished finishes.....

Happy 4th
Threadwork Primitives
36 ct coffee stained linen
WDW and DMC specified threads

Liberty House
Twisted Threads Ewe&Eye&Friends
40 ct light exempler Lakeside Linens
DMC threads as specified

Wee Hope
Heart in Hand
32 ct Flax Belfast
WDW as specified

Doubles America
40 ct Exempler Lakeside Linen
Northern Lights Midnight&Old Grinkgo silks

I enjoyed sewing today....It really gives me great feeling of completion when those finished stitched pieces finally come together~~ I plan on using alot of my older patriotic ornies to decorate my craft room tree once I get set up....These will be put in another Patriotic basket for display...

Well....better get back to boxing up things....cross your fingers!~

Happy stitching,


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The boys did so good!!!

This isn't really a stitching post, rather a proud moment post...

At the recent Junior College Golf National Finals in Chautauqua NY,
 the Sandhills Community College golf team along with MY SON came in fifth in the US!!~~~  How awesome is that??? With only thirteen teams even qualifying, I told them if they came in dead last, it was still an honor to get to be there..... 

We are all so proud of them and their outstanding accomplishments!!

Phillip is second from the right...

Western NY is just beautiful this time of year.,..I even wore a sweatshirt one morning on the course...

While my DH and I were there, we managed to hit a couple tourist spots up in
 Buffalo and Niagra Falls ...
What is going to Buffalo NY without going to the Anchor Bar "Home of Buffalo Wings"?
Their roof proudly displays the ad....

And, of course Niagra Falls was a picturesque as always...

In parting, I will show you a few of the many, many beautiful lake homes at Chautauqua..Perfect for weddings, reunions or just a slow easy day by a beautifully scenic lake.......

Truly a wonderful way to celebrate our 31st anniversary along with supporting our youngest son..

Happy Stitching from North Carolina,


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wonderful news and a few patriotic finishes.....

I have absolutely wonderful news to share......I am so so so happy to let you know that my dear friend Barbara has let me know she is now in remission...She has tackled breast cancer and won~~~ Can you believe this????  I got a call from her to share this wonderful news...She also wanted me let ALL of you know that she has felt your love, your prayers and your sense of lifting her above this awful dreaded disease.... I want to personally thank everyone who has emailed me, prayed for Barbara, asked about her over these last many months and sent me wonderful designs to stitch and put in my pink basket...Truly,there is power in prayer and the love from stitch friends cannot be matched!

~~~Way to go Barbara~~~


Next, I wanted to show you a little of what I have been stitching here lately....If you know me, you know that I often sneak in a small design if I am working on larger projects....I got on this "patriotic" streak lately and here is what I have finished stitching....

40 ct Lakeside Linen light exempler
specified overdyes

This was the design I worked on and completed Saturday at the French Hen at the stitch-in...Fun pattern~

36 ct linen, coffee stained by me
Weeks threads as specified

Patterns by Nan Lewis of Threadwork Primitives are hard to beat...Her instructions in the design packet are so easy to follow! I especially like the flag in this pattern.....

40 ct Mocha linen
npi silks, npi overdye silk

This design actually called for Watercolors threads, so I converted to npi and npi Northern Lights..I like the faded red shading....It really makes this flag look worn and tattered... Thanks Patti for another stunning design!!

An angel gifted me one of my now favorite photo props.... A pewter "F" that you see in the above photos... Isn't it the neatest thing???I just LOVE it~~ Thank you, Thank you!

In closing, I will share one of my patriotic displays..... I have my favorites, but really love them all...Each has a story in my head of what I was doing when I was stitching it.... I hope to finish off the 3 new finishes next week and either add to this bunch, or perhaps start a new Patriotic basket...We will see!!

Phillip and the golf team flew out for NY on Saturday and are doing fantastic in their practice rounds in the Junior College National Golf finals... We will be joining them tomorrow and I cannot wait! It has been so long since I flew anywhere...I am so excited!!

And, I hope to sneak in a trip to a local cross stitch shop...More about the when I return....

Hope everyone has a fantastic week and Happy Stitching!


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Friends and more friends.....(photo heavy...)

Many of us had a grand ole time at the French Hen in Manning SC yesterday....
Nothing better than food, fellowship and mingling with wonderful stitch friends!!

Nicole, Karen, Amy and myself had agreed to do a Prairie Schooler "Friendship" exchange back in June 2010...We all picked our favorites, made out a list to follow and took the last 12 months to stitch up wonderful squares to give back to each other....

Yesterday was the big reveal..........

Everyone's stitched!

This project is not really done though!!! Everyone will now stitch one for themselves..of course, Karen has already stitched her own piece!~ YGG... And THEN is when the creativity kicks in to see how everyone finishes off this project.............Can't wait to see how it all that turns out!!! Stay tuned....

Of course, there were many NC and SC stitchers attending the festivities yesterday.....

Frick and frack, cutting up~~~

could we be sisters or what????

Well.....Maybe tomorrow I will show you what I stitched on at the stitch-in....

Have a great Sunday everyone!!!!