Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Phillip~~

Never did I know that 19 years ago tomorrow, this wonderful young man would have made me so proud~ From his first steps, to his first golf swing, to his first successful year in college, he continues to shine~
~~~Happy 19th Birthday Phillip~~~
I love you, Mom

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Terrific Tuesday~~

Tis the Season
Blackbird Designs
36ct overdyed linen in my stash
Here is my latest finish~~~ This was a very quick stitch for me.....I love it and now will be searching for a suitable frame~~ I actually was able to stitch this one up in about a week~

Latest stash enhancement
Lazy Daisy
Raleigh NC
I had the best surprise in the mail today~ More stash~~ I have been working on larger pieces for a while now....So, my next just might be a small for my tree in the craft room.... More on that to come....

Fair and Square Exchange
from Pokua
Received 4-26-2010

Finally, I received these pretty squares from Pokua in the Fair and Square Exchange all the way from W. Australia~~ The thread has the best shades of reds througout...Thanks Pokua...I am hoping my pieces to you arrive very soon~~
Well, wanted to say hello to everyone....Thanks again for all the wonderful comments you guys offer me...I love reading them and feel so loved by all my stitching friends out in the blog world~~ ((Hugs)) to all of you~~ Faye

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just using what I've got~~! you can see, I am a little Blackbird crazy right now....And, when Becky SC posed a question to me about Joyeux Noel, I pulled out my book and my mind got to wandering....Which led me to ponder a little more about another chart in that book called 'Tis The Season.... And I have to say things took off from there~~~ Once I found this piece of muted light gray Lugana that has been in my stash for quite some time, I knew I HAD to pull threads to see if I could kit this bad boy on up.. Ended up I had all the flosses except the pale red and the greens...BUT, I immediately went to my Victorian Motto Sampler threads (I buy on ebay~) and there they were~~ Just waiting for me to get started...... So, here is what I have done so far.....The bird really will be pretty once the other half of her is done....
Well, back to the craft room for me....Hope everyone is home blissfully stitching away~~ Faye

Monday, April 19, 2010

This cute ornament goes just perfectly on my "spring" tree in the craft room~~ My dear freind Tommye made it for me....Just because..... And, I'm feeling pretty special!!~~~ It is a Drawn Thread freebie she says...It is beautiful Tommye and I have it front and center~~ Thanks again so very much~~
My BBD Hannah Lovina Joslin sampler is done!!!~~~Yah!! I personalized it with MY name on it and put 1980 in honor of the year we were married.... Come June 7, it will be 30 years!!!!~~ So, I thought it would be nice to label this sampler accordingly... The soft colors in this piece is what makes it so appealing to me......

Here is an up close snap of things.... I absolutely could not put this piece down so guess what I am digging in the basket for next..?... Another BBD, of course~~~ Will keep you posted on what I find~~~ Until then, happy stitching everyone~~~ Faye

Friday, April 16, 2010

Improvement, progress and a little goodie~

Hannah Lovina Joslin
Blackbird Designs
32 ct Latte Country French linen
Overdyed threads specified

First I would like to really, really thank everyone who has sent well wishes to my MIL...She is improving slowly.... Once she got home Tuesday night, it brightened her spirits alot~~ Thanks again for all the emails and well wishes....It truly has made my heart smile.

Secondly, Hannah is coming right along pretty nicely! I hope to finish the right side border and flowers in the middle this weekend~~ The colors are really soothing...I have been truly addicted to this piece~

Lastly, isn't this the cutest little quilted pillow you have ever seen?? It just made my day when I opened the mailbox and saw an unexpected package in there..... Many of you follow Myra's blog and know what an accomplished quilter she is....Well, she sent this cute quilted pillow with a sweet that said.." Just a little something to brighten your day!".. Oh, Myra, you have no idea how this little treat lifted my spirits....Thanks so very much from the bottom of my heart~
Here's hoping everyone has a great weekend and find time to do somthing for themselves..Whether it is something with your loved ones, or just a little quiet time, pause a while....You will be glad you did~~ ((Hugs)), Faye

Monday, April 12, 2010

Hannah Lovina Joslin goes on spring break~~~

First, I need to show off part of my family!~ Adam with his dog Julius (sitting), Phillip with his dog Truffles and my dear dear MIL, Ada. My DH and I had the best time having everyone to Cherry Grove Beach, SC for Easter and to celebrate Adams birthday...Love you all~~ I do need to add however that last Friday, MIL had to be hospitalized back here at home with pneaumonia and heart complications....Hoping to come home tomorrow and please pray for her recovery~ Being 91 years old is not easy....

Secondly, here is the progress I made on dear old Hannah Lovina Joslin... It was a BBD spring break for me guys.....I have fallen head over heels with many of the BBD designs... I am using the specified fabric and flosses.... I'd say I am over half done....

And to keep things interesting I did up Valentine Rose by BBD while working on Hannah...When have you ever known me to NOT be multi-tasking with my stitching??? This was a quick fun stitch and I am doing it on a large piece of R&R linen just in case I want to do several of that series together...

THEN, I had to further mix up things by stitching up the BBD December stockings....I hope to finish them soon and start my pile of finished Christmas designs.... btw, do you see that LOVELY red tassel???? Hmmmm....Well, I was lucky enough to meet up with my buddy Tommye and take a tassel making class from her last week also....She is a fantastic teacher, knows all the tricks of the trade when it comes to tassels....Thanks Tommye for teaching an old dog new tricks~~

Lastly, I was awestruck when I received these beautiful earrings in the mail last week from Dornick Designs~~ I won her giveaway and until I opened the package I had no idea how wonderfully talented Kathy Hardy is~~ Thank you so very much Kathy~~ You are extremely talented and I cannot wait to wear the earrings~~
Well, I must sign off.... Tired and weary from long hospital visits....I apologize for the shadowy photos but it is the best I could do at this late hour.... ((Hugs)) from me to you~~ Faye