Monday, August 30, 2010

**Freshness, made from the heart**

I just thought I would end my day with a little temptation photo of what my dear friend Gail (no blog) stopped by our house with this evening...... I know you cant smell it through your computer, but if you could....let me just say, fresh peaches and blueberries baked up in a pie is phenominal!!!! The perfect ending to a long stress level has just inched down a little.....thanks....

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cresting the hill and a few smalls***

Sometimes if you push yourself really hard, all you want to do is get to the top of the hill just to know you DO have an end in sight....Well, I think yesterday I crested the hill....Sorting, packing and deciding about belongings of someone dear to you can be tough.... I want to wrap myself around each and every memory...and then questions come to mind when I see photos and momentos from days long before my time..... Luckily we have secured storage for a big part of Nannies belongs...I am under the gun however to have everything out of her condo by mid-Sept... Moving forward....

I do want to show a few smalls I was able to stitch up when spending time visiting in the hospital. With the other priorities in my life right now, I cant say I have stitched much of all in the last couple weeks....

I found this VERY old bread board at Nannies and quickly claimed it to my house...It is worn and made of simple wood reminding me of simpler times.... Lee tells me it was Nannies grandmothers bread board so that tells you how old it might be......There is nearly a hole worn down in the bottom of it from excessive use..... We can only imagine how many pans of hand made biscuits might have come out of this beautiful relic.

Be Mine Valentine
Lizzie Kate

Merry Christmas

Blackbird Designs

Joyeaux Noel book

Crow freebie
Primitive Bettys
Hope everyone has a great Sunday.... ((**Hugs**)) Faye

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Trying to put the pieces back together.....

Where do I start??? First, I would love to thank each and every one of you who have emailed, commented, called and sent cards to me! I cannot begin to tell you how each of you have touched me, lifted me and given me hope of brighter days to come.... Losing Ada has truly been the most emotionally demanding event in my life. I miss her, I have grieved for her and there are no tears left. But, knowing she is gone and at peace, offers me content in knowing it was the Lords will to have her join her husband in heaven as her final resting place.... May she rest in peace forever..

This past weekend I found myself finding time to devote to tying up a few loose ends of a couple travel stitch projects that have gone with me to and from the hospital...Ironically, there is purple in each and of course that was my mil's favorite color....I love Little House Needleworks and this one did not let me down.... It almost has a fallish feel to me with the purple and mulberry combination..........

Little House Needleworks
Simple Joys

The Blackbird Designs series "Anniversaries of the Heart" has been an ongoing larger project for me...I added personalization to the third block (I am doing mine in random order...) I had already put the year 1918 in the roof because this square was going to be in honor of her and those purple flowers vining up the side....So I added her name above the house and put 2010 along the left side of the house to commemorate the year she died....

Blackbird Designs
Anniversaries of the Heart series

Here's a snap of the 3 blocks I have done so far....I am really loving the R&R Winter Frost 36 ct linen I am using.....
Blackbird Designs
Anniversaries of the Heart series

Finally, winning this giveaway from Diane Williams at Little House Needleworks has really lifted my spirits....This chart is now on my craft table waiting to be kitted up!!! "The Family Sampler" looks absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to get started on it....Thanks so much for this fabulous win Diane!!

Little House Needleworks
"The Family Sampler"

Well, need to sign off and wind down... There were smiling first graders waiting for my return today when I arrived back in the classroom...Many hugs and giggles made me feel so loved..The innocense of children makes everyone's heart smile....
Until later, ((**Hugs**)) right back atcha my friends!! :: Faye ::

Monday, August 9, 2010

She loved purple...

Ada Blackwell Riggsbee

After a long and fulfilled life, my dear sweet Mother-in-law passed away today at the age of 92...She and I were as close as any mother and daughter could have ever been... I cherish the memories we made and everything she taught me.. May she rest in peace forever..

Here she is with my husband and her favorite musician, Vince Gill, on Memorial Day Weekend just 2 months ago....Oh, how she loved Vince Gill and he just mailed her this autographed photo 2 weeks ago...Her smile says it all...

I set out yesterday to cross stitch one more thing for her....Whether it was a large sampler or a little ornament, she always marveled at it and made me feel so good.... So, I found this pattern in my craft room....purple flower...I wrapped her name around the top of the piece and put
1918-2010 down the right side...

And on the back side I put a little tab with my name and the date I lost her....

I want to say a special word of appreciation to all of you who have sent prayers and ((hugs)) to me by way of blog comments and emails....I have read each and every one of them and although I have not had the time to devote to responding, please know I appreciate all of them....
((Hugs)) to all of you, Faye

Friday, August 6, 2010

Winners, Modifications and an Update

Good morning stitching friends~~~ I am happy to announce the winner to my "200 Followers Giveaway"... I have to say, I was thrilled to read all the comments about what we are all stitching! There is quite the array of interests out there!!! It seems too, that many of you are already putting attention to the beloved Christmas holiday season....Scary to think, it IS coming up quickly!!

Congratulations to LaDonna of "Wrought by LaDonna" for being the winner of the Fredricka package!!! I hope you enjoy what I send you and I am thrilled to have drawn your name out of the hat this morning! Just email me with your mailing address and I will get this right out to you!!

200 Followers Giveaway Package
Won by LaDonna of Wrought by LaDonna

I also have to say that I had quite a few emails from people wanting to be entered in the giveaway but they do not have blogger accounts.....And, although I encouraged them to set up a blogger profile, I wanted to acknowledge their interest in my work by drawing their names out of the hat also....So, Charlene K, please email me your snail mail address as you have won a pin pillow with handmade pins~~ I used a purple silk floss that reminds me of the upcoming fall colors...Hope you like it!!!!

Purple Pin Pillow with pins....Won by Charlene K (no blog)

I have spent many an hour at the hospital these past few weeks....I wanted to do an experiment on the 2004 BBD Christmas ornament that was provided in JCS ornament issue....On the right you will see the original colorway... On the left you will see my interpretation of a fall-ish version of the same design...I used Glorianna Charcoal, Cinamon and Olive Grove silks...

Blackbird Designs

2004 JCS Ornament Issue

And, of course I always have some LHN designs kitted up in my travel bag....Here is "Singing the Blues" done in the Crescent Colors version.....36 ct Summer Khaki seemed to be the fabric I had on hand that offered the right contrast...

Little House Needleworks

"Singing the Blues"

Update on MIL.....She remains in ICU.. They are "making her comfortable" as medically they have done all they can do... With pneaumonia and the heart condition plus being 92 yrs old, she is simply tired... The days she has been coherent, we have spoken of all the good times and cried together... She is truly ready...Thanks again for all the prayers and well wishes...

As my husband is insistant that I find time to do something for myself, I will be joining up with some of my stitching buddies tomorrow in SC at a long planned mini-retreat.... I NEED the break, I look forward to sitting and catching up with some good friends and maybe give my myself a little mental break...

((**Hugs**)) to everyone, Faye

Monday, August 2, 2010

Setback Sunday..

First I would like to thank all of you who have commented and emailed me about my sweet Mother in Law.....She has suffered a set back as of yesterday and has returned to ICU.... She has many complications and at the age of 92, that is tough to overcome....We all do remain positive and optimistic with her however...Knowing she is a fighter, we are so hoping she can overcome the odds and pull through this illness..

Here we all are at a University of North Carolina football game last November... My husband and two sons, along with my MIL and myself.....I thought this was such a good photo of all of us, I actually used it on my Christmas card!..........Can you tell we are big Tarheel fans????????

Adam, Ada, Lee, Faye and Phillip
November 2009

No stitching updates tonight.....I AM stitching though with my extended stays at the hospital............Just need to take some pictures.

Just wanted to give everyone a shout out and ask for those continued prayers.... Thanks guys.

Trying to hold my chin up, Faye