Saturday, December 8, 2018

Today’s picture walk.....

Hello friends and fellow stitchers!! I’ve been on Facebook and Instagram a lot, but have been neglectful of updating me blog.... So, here is an update of a few finishes that I created for fellow stitchers.... Carolina Stitcher style!……………

So, I plan on blogging more regularly.... Hopefully!
Happy stitching...... Faye

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Today’s picture walk~

Greetings friends and fellow Stitchers!! Hello from soggy and humid central North Carolina! As we are all settling in to these lazy days of summer, I thought I’d show you a few of my July finishes that have arrived back with my customers.... I’m seeing everything from Patriotic designs to club kits to holiday pieces.... Here, take a look....

Blackbird Designs Hats off to Uncle Sam~
Stitched on Murky linen by Picture this Plus with specified overdyed threads

Free ~Shepherd’s Bush, Chessie & Me and Sweet Freedom Berry byEica Michaels

Finishing in doubles is fun~ 

Prairie Schooler Santa’s are classics...

 Lady Liberty by Blackbird Designs

Dyeing to Stitching club
kit ... Heartstring Samplery

So, that’s it for a while.... Hope you’re having a great summer and finding time to stitch!!


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Today’s picture walk~

Greetings friends and stitcher! The weekend is winding down.... It’s my favorite time of the day... After dinner, it’s dusky dark and all of nature is chirping and singing in the shadows.... So, so peaceful……

Heres a few fully finished pieces I’ve done for customers...... I hope you enjoy tonight’s picture walk...

Where Liberty Dwells~Dyeing to Stitch kit Club

Again, thanks for spending a little time looking.... More to come soon! Enjoy your week and happy stitching……


Friday, June 29, 2018

Wedding Keepsakes

Hi friends and fellow stitchers~ A very quick post tonight to show you a recent project I was honored  to be a part of~ I can honestly say I do not master the art of beadwork, but this talented customer certainly does! Made into a Ring Bearer pillow designed by StoneyCreek Designs entitled Wedding Keepsakes.

I wanted to share here on my blog since many of you don’t do Facebook and Instagram..... Thanks and enjoy your weekend~


Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Today’s picture walk~

Greetings friends and stitchers from sunny and sweltering North Carolina!! Busy times in the sewing room and here are few finishes returned to my customers………
Prairie prairie Schooler ornaments......

Lizzie Kate kit...A Bee C

Kreinik ornament makeovers..... 

Littlehouse Needleworks Farmhouse Christmas

Thanks again for hanging with me... Stay cool and Happy Stitching~

Monday, June 11, 2018

Today’s picture walk....

I’ll try again! Let’s see if this larger post will work...... Enjoy!!
Blackbird Designs~ Christmas Cactus

Thanks for sticking with me!! Happy stitching~


testing blogger.... again!! If you’re reading this, it means blogger is recognizing my device again... yippeee! More to come~

As always, I appreciate your comments, FB messages, Instagram Messages and emails~ 

Happy stitching!!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Today’s picture walk....

Brrrrrr.... I know so many of you are surviving rough weather…… We’ve been cold here in the Carolinas as well~ Daylight savings time often signifies warmer weather and the changing of the seasons~ Bring it on! 

I’ve been happily finishing in my sewing room....Creating and and completing projects for many of you…… I’d like to share~

Spring Robin designed by SubRosa~ Mounted for and different look.... I simply love this look!!

A Stitchers Journey designed by Blackbird Designs.... Needlebook that’s a tri-fold...  Loving these soft colors...

3 pockets for packs of needles, notes and the like...

It ties up nicely.... shown with Summer Stars pincushion from the same BBD book....

Tulip Pincushion designed by Blackbird Designs... I used Pom trim by Dames of the Needle...a faded Confedrate Grey

Here’s the inside of the box... padded piece with my customers accessories.... a treasure~

Isn’t it fun? A classic design.... I love Blackbird Designs ~

The Winter is passed by Blackbird Designs.... My customer provided her own box found at Hobby Lobby~ The same beautiful light teal box used in the designers model....

Sampler Lesson1 designed by Plum Street Sampler.... I LOVE these pillows……

Sampler lesson 2 by Plum Street Sampler.... just look at the lady and her dog!

Sampler lessons 3 by Plum Street Samplers... the soft Taupes and lilacs are beautiful together....

Sampler lesson 4 by Plum Street 

Blackbird Designs~ My Pink Rose... The distressed linen just “makes” this piece!

Hello Spring by Plum Street Samplers.... I LOVE the lightly distressed mini Pom trim~ 

Little House Needleworks (?)... or possibly Country Cottage Needleworks... 

Stacy Nash Freedom.... one can never have too many Carolina Stitcher Project bags!

Of course, I’m loving all the sets I’m seeing of Summer School Abecadarian series designed by With thy Needle & Thread... 

They are classics.....

And, that Strawberry is Darling and soooo tiny!! I love finishing this grouping!! 

I’ll leave you with a recent personal stitch.... I’m a member of the Samplermaker Facebook group and was able to stitch this freebie by Lori Brechlin.... It’s perfect for me because it speaks to my love of stitching; especially Samplers.....

Are you a Samplermaker?

Hoping each of you have a great weekend....stay warm and stitching!!