Sunday, July 31, 2011

***Penny America***

Feast your eyes on my latest obsession~~ Its
one of Jan Alexanders latest creations called  
 Penny America....

To see the full design, take a look **here**

Here is the right side of the chart...What's not to love??
Flag is waving....fireworks twinkling...a pot of gorgeous flowers (well, mine are stems right now...) and a beautiful penny rug design on the edge....All stitched on a gorgeous cut of 36ct Macadamia Nut linen by
 Tree of Life Samplings...

Penny America
Tree of Life Samplings
36 ct Macadamia Nut linen by Tree of Life Samplings
Weeks overdyes as specified

I had hoped to stitch on this design this coming Saturday at the stitchers gathering at the French Hen in ManningSC....but, I just might be completing this piece before the stitch in!!  We will see how the work week goes..... I'll give a shout out to all the gals that will be there on Saturday~~~
 See you ladies in a few more days!!!!

Well, I will leave you with this parting close up of  my latest project....

Hope everyone's week is great.. Stay as cool as you can!!


Saturday, July 30, 2011

~~~~Christmas in July~~~~~

How crazy is it to be talking about Christms in July with the heat being over 100 degrees??  Crazy, that's what it is.....The heat, I mean.... As many of us slug through these intensely hot days, I decided to finish a couple of my stitched Christmas ornaments today.... As part of **this** ornament stitch-a-long, here are my June and July installments as we pledged to stitch and finish an ornament a month in 2011.....

Jenny Bean's Christmas Ornament 2010
Shakepeare's Peddler
40 ct Light Examplar Lakeside Linens
Crescent Colors Belle Soie

The First Day
Plum Street Samplers
Just Cross Stitch 2011 Ornament Preview Issue
36 ct vintage light examplar Lakeside Linens
Belle Soie Cranberry and Weathered Vine
Last night, I began stitching a new design by
Tree of Life Samplings that I absolutely cannot put down....Maybe tomorrow I will have enough done to post a photo and share.... Not to be mysterious, but I have fallen in love with this design AND her fantastic hand dyed linen, Macadamia Nut.....Its heavenly.....
So, until next time....Thanks so much for visiting and as always, thanks for all the fantastic comments...Time rarely permits me to reply to all of them, but know they are read and I truly appreciate your words of support and inspiration!!!
~~~Happy stitching and try to stay cool~~~ 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Just a couple more finishes ..Patriotics of course!!

What can I say??? I love the red, white and blue~~

Here are a couple more goodies I finished this month that now need to fitted up in the perfect frames..

Liberty ~ 1776
Little House Needleworks
32 ct Flax Belfast
specified overdyes

And....I couldn't resist stitching up this beautiful design.....

Flag Day
With thy Needle & Thread
32 ct Limestone Belfast
DMC flosses

I just HAD to stitch up this design because of this chubby guy....
tee-hee....Isn't he the cutest????

Ok, that's it for now........

Its suppertime~~


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Gifts, finishes and the heat~~~

First off, "Thanks" for all the well wishes for Linda P....She reads my blog and knows that each of you have said a prayer for her...She is progressing after her surgery nicely...soon, she be up shakin' a leg~~~

Speaking of Miss Linda, I had a chance to have a  "girls" Saturday with her recently and gave her a little early birthday present...Like me, she loves her some red...Hence this Friendship pillow by
 Jardin Prive was gifted to her...

I personalized this little pillow with our initials...The fabrics, I bought in January, when she and I attended a quilt expo...I thought it was fitting to use those fabrics in her pillow plus they were a perfect match~~~  Happy early Birthday Linda~~~~

Next, I couldn't rest until I made and mailed a little Thank you gift to Janet of HomeSweetHome for the beautiful Summer Prairie Schooler exchange bellpull she had sent me last month seen here...It is truly striking and I thought one of my small traveling pincushions might be something she could use....

I also included a few of my handmade pins....Janet received it a few days ago and was surprised...
I hope as surprised as I was to receive her beautiful exchange piece....
Thanks again Janet~

Lastly, I want to show a couple snaps of finishes I have completed for a customer of mine...She is getting a jump on Christmas finishes....
I was happy to help her out and would be glad to do the same for you...



I just noticed the words in these ornaments....

"Peace", "Love", "Joy" and "All is Calm"

Just think how wonderful this world would be if we all lived by words like this....
something to think about....

Well, that's it for now...I promise to not be so long between posts from now on....Between starting back to work (Yes! Year Round school calendar has resumed...), this intense heat and basically being a lazy bone....Well, let me just say I will try  my best to post a little more regularly!~

Take care,


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Please pray for Linda ~~~((edited))

****Linda made it through surgery fine yesterday according to her daughter!!  Yeah!!  She has  titanium rods through her femur and expects to learn more today about how rehab will work... She wants to thank everyone for their prayers and continued good thoughts for her recovery..))

Many of you know Linda P, stitchhag, from NC... She doesn't blog but attends PALS and is a friend to many of you...

Linda's daughter has notified me that Linda fell last night and has broken her hip....She is scheduled for surgery this afternoon... She asked I get the word out for prayers and good thoughts for Linda...

Those of you who are active on the 123 message  board may want to post this info as I know Linda has many friends on 123 who may not be reading my blog....Thanks!!!

I should be home Sunday night and plan on visiting her Monday at the hospital in Raleigh....

Linda and her family thanks you and so do I....I will update more as I am notified....

Take care, Faye

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Americana themed finishes....(photo heavy)....

I took today to get reacquainted with my sewing machine....While the craft room is still somewhat a work in progress, I knew I had several stitched finishes that needed to be finished off while its still summer....

I was THRILLED to have taken Nadia up on a chance to stitch her beautifully designed "Freedom Pinkeep"... LaSoffitta is her design name and if you have not visited her blog, you are missing out... Feast your

Freedom Pinkeep
LaSoffitta Designs
40 ct Lakeside Vintage Exemplar linen
DMC as specified

I put a pleat in the backing  fabric and embellished with antique buttons....I thought homespun fabric was perfect for this antiquish prim design.... Thank you Nadia for honoring Americans with this design~


Next, I took to sewing up my two recent Threadwork Primitives stitches... As you will see, I placed Star Spangled under Pride and Glory and its finished off a little different than Nan finished her model...

Pride and Glory
Threadwork Primitives
32 ct creme Belfast linen
DMC as specified

I just thought this design screamed FLAG...  So, I used a dowel, slipped open a couple stitches with my seam ripper, and the dowel slid in perfectly!! It actually looks like it might be waving on the tree in my craft room.................

Star Spangled Pinkeep
Threadwork Primitives
32 ct Belfast Days Gone By
Victorian Motto Faded Red, WDW Navy


Another design that captured my eye these last few weeks, was Star Spangled Sampler by Heart in Hand.....I kept this one simple.....

Star Spangled Sampler
Heart in Hand (2001)
32 ct Belfast Days Gone By
WDW floss as specified


I had ran across this freebie that SamSarah and Weeks Dye Works had put together a while back... If you're not seeing a pattern by now, I'll spell it out....I was totally hooked on everything Americana these last few weeks and needless to say, I am nearly wiped out of every overdye I had in the shades of reds, whites and blues...Oh, and totally out of 32 ct Belfast Days Gone By...My favorite hand dyed linen when it comes to Americana designs....

SamSarah and Weeks Dye Works
32 ct Belfast Days Gone By
WDW threads


If you are still hanging in there with me...Thanks!  Last, but certainly not least, I fell in love with this design by Birds of a Feather.....I love the little fish swimming along in the water.... And I like that it spells out "United States of America"....

Land that I Love
Birds of a Feather
36 Lakeside Light Exempler
WDW overdyes..except I substitued VM Paprika for the Lancaster Red

I edged this little pillow with VM hand dyed red rick rack....It was the perfect trim for this colorful piece..And you can see the backing fabric I had on hand that fit this Patriotic theme.....


I will sign off  and show you a couple shot of my Patriotic tree in the craft room....I might possibly leave it decorated in this theme all year....It just makes me smile when I am in there working....

Hope you are enjoying your summer everyone~~~~
 Have a great Sunday evening and a terrific work week~~~



Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A couple more Patriotic stitches...

When I saw the latest Patriotic designs by Threadwork Primitives, I knew they were must  haves~~

Please excuse my semi-wrinkled linen as I totally refuse to iron anything here at Cherry Grove Beach, so it is, what it is...None the less, these are two of my favorite designs that I cannot wait to get my hands on in the craft room and "create" into something special....

Threadwork Primitives
Star Spangled Pinkeep
32 ct Belfast Days Gone By
Victorian Motto Faded Red, WDW Navy
photo is clickable for a close up look...

Threadwork Primitives
Pride and Glory
32 ct Creme Belfast
DMC threads
Eagle is done in verigated gold HDF thread
photo is clickable for a close up look...

Well, short post tonight....

The nights have excellent sea breezes, the days are long, lazy and HOT and my family and I are having special times together....

Take care and hoping you are finding time for yourself....