Monday, March 28, 2011

A surpise, a college visit and seeing Red....again....**Edited**

**Edited: After a few emails, I wanted to let you know the threads I am using on the red "A Christmas Quaker" is Victorian Motto threads in SP-P "Faye's Red"... You can find VM here....


Look what sweet goodie was waiting on me Saturday when we returned home....
A total Easter surprise from my girl Diane...
Check out this Handmade, and stitched, card along with the cutest pincushion... It is darling Nan!!!  Thankyou, Thankyou!!!

Saturday was filled with fun visiting the University of North Carolina at Charlotte~~ Our youngest son will be attending college there this fall and we had an opportunity to attend the Open House on Saturday with him.... It is a beautiful campus...Although it was a rainy day, I did capture a couple photos...

Doesn't he look so happy!!??  Is it because he will be finally leaving home?? All this work has paid off for you Phillip!!! We are very proud of you~~~(Said like a proud mom...)

I had been searching for this beautiful RED sampler by A Mon Ami Pierre when I happened across it on a fellow stitchers blog.........Carol, sweet person that she is, has graciously lent me this chart....I hope to stitch it up as a companion piece to my recently stitched Anna Millet 1895..

I love the title.....In Her World.....  how fitting....
36 ct creme linen
Belle Soie Sister Scarlett silk thread
Belle Soie Cranberry silk thread

And, I have been also been "seeing red" by stitching a little on one of my "up for a challenge" pieces.... remember this one??? I have chipped away, little by little, when I can sneak in an hour or so...
It really is a large piece, but when I signed up for this challenge, I meant it!!! Finishing 12 WIP's in 2011 was my committment and I am bound and determined this will be finish number 6~~~

This piece really has been a fun stitch.....I'd say I am about two thirds done...


Well, that's it for today~~ Rainy and cold here in the Carolinas...I need to head to the kitchen for another K-cup~~~  Take care everyone,


Thursday, March 24, 2011

~~Exchanges, A Finish and Welcome Home~~~**photo heavy**

 I had wonderful surprises waiting on me as I returned home today from a few days away...

Sweet Jennifer surprised me as my exchange partner in the "Friends Stitching through the Seasons" exchange....How lucky am I???   Jennifer is an accomplished stitcher and sure did spoil me handsomely with a LOADED package of goodies....  Feast your eyes on this!!!

From colorful ribbons, a Yankee candle, dainty paisley scissors, npi RED silk floss,darling business cards with a big ole "F"(too cute!),a much needed note pad, a wooden magnet, Tickled Pink chart with charm by Sweetheart Tree to a precious needles & pins pincushion including 3 AWESOME pins!!! 
 Did I hit the jackpot or what???

I just love it~~~ Stitched and finished just perfectly!!!
Thanks so VERY MUCH Jennifer!!Awesome exchange~~

And as if that were not enough warm fuzzies flowing from my mail box, I also recieved my
Hooked on Exchanging Red Exchange from Nicole~~!!  I tell ya, I was yet again blown away~~~ I had lots of shades of DMC, a beautifully crochetted coffee cozy, lots of red buttons, sticky notes and a beautifully stitched Scissory fob~~  I LOVE IT ALL~~

I especailly like the personalization Nicole put on this lovely fob....It will look great in my Red Basket.....Thanks so very much Nicole for your generosity! It was well worth the wait~~

While away at the beach, I worked on Anna Mellit and got her finished....I promise you I tried and tried to take it slow on this wonderful sampler.....I LOVED the luscious red silk that Marylin had kitted with this chart..... Something about the feel of the silk made me want to linger and savor each stitch...

 Anna Millet 1895
Reflects de Soie
36 ct creme linen
Dark Red silk thread

Specialty stitches.....

Marylin mailed me this beautiful kit as a jesture of friendship between an avid French stitcher and myself, a stitcher who loves to stitch red....I had no idea she would be showering me with gifts as she has, but I feel so fortunate to have become her friend.... We exchange emails frequently and I have mailed her an "American" stitchery package as well.... I cannot say enough about how wonderful friendships are made among stitching friends.... Friendships that truly touch the heart.

I leave you with 2 photos.... My photo last night of the pastel skies from the Carolina beaches......

And a picture of my sweet beagle girl waiting on my return today.... I think I woke her up from her nap in the sunshine~~

Take care everyone!!!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Merci Marylin~~~ I feel so blessed!

I have been gifted again from sweet Marylin~~ Aren't stitching friends the absolute best???

Here is the cutest, BEST SMELLING pillow she stitched for me~ I love the nice Moda fabric on the backing and again, the fragrance is absolutely spell binding.....I wish you could take a deep breath~

Here is a closeup of the darling charm and beautiful trim... It is truly stunning....

She also spoiled me with the most beautiful French kit! It has the lovely red and white threads, ribbons and the button charmpack along with the natural shade linen....  I hope to do this piece justice and finish it into a button box perhaps?....



 I have been devoting a little time to Anna Mellet this weekend..... Marylin so graciously sent it to me earlier this month and here is my progress..... The AVAS red silk thread is heavenly to use!!!

So....that's it for is a view from my stitching chair for the next few days....  My back porch at the beach......................

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

~~~The America Pillow~~~

When I saw this Patriotic design by Mary Riggs of Handwork Primitives, I knew it would need to be stitched and added to my Patriotic display..... I started it and put it down in early 2010...  Sitting in my WIP basket patiently, I figured I needed to devote time to finishing it so I would have enough time to sew it into a pillow for summer 2011....

The America Pillow
Handiwork Primitives
32 ct Autumn Fields Belfast Linen
specified overdyes except I used GAST Midnight
instead of Black Crow in the border

I had put of few stitches in the border using the specified GAST Black Crow, but it seemed a little dark to me....So, I tried using my GAST Midnight and it had the look I wanted... 

The vine trails throughout the border just beautifully..... And, I love how the GAST Buckeye Scarlett pops against the darker colors.....

So, I will searching for the perfect complimenting fabric to sew up something creative using this colorful piece....  Makes me want to stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance....

Hope everyone has a great evening~~

Hugs from North Carolina,


Friday, March 11, 2011

Anna Mellet SAL and my Summer Stars....

This wonderful SAL I am stitching with Marylin is going along just wonderfully!!!  I am loving the monochromatic scheme using the dreamy AVAS red silk...

Here is this week progress....


Secondly, can I just tell you I INSTANTLY fell in love with the new Blackbird Designs book "A Stitchers Journey"~~~  Couldn't put it down until I stitched up something out of it...I love every single design in this new book!

Here is the first design I picked...

"Summer Stars Pincushion"

I got really lucky on this finish because I had matching rick-rack already on hand....So, I stuffed it with crushed walnut shells and attached a couple homemade pins....  Don't the colors seem light and airy??

Well, I am off to see what else I can get into.....Tomorrow we have a gathering in Manning that Amy is hosting at the French Hen...I always look forward to seeing old friends and making new friendships..And, of course, checking out everyone's stitching!!

Have a great weekend everyone~~~


Monday, March 7, 2011

French Friendships with a SAL.....

Never have I received a package in the mail addressed to 'Madame Carolina Stitcher'...But, Saturday, when I opened the mail box, I had the most interesting envelope from PostExport France!!!

Dearest Marilyn had emailed me earlier saying she admired my blog and noticed I adore anything RED .. She said she would be inclined to mail me the latest edition of the French cross stitch magazine at which time I quickly replied "absolutely!!~~"

Take a look at the following photos to see just how Marilyn spoiled me beyond means!!! I LOVE it all Marilyn and I cannot wait to begin my SAL with you this week!!! Anna Mellet is just beautiful and I cannot wait to stitch it as a rememberance of your generosity~  Merci, Merci, Merci~~~

Knowing this was sent to ME by YOU from FRANCE makes it all the more special!!!  I am truly humbled.....

Did I mention how absolutely dreamy the French silk threads are that she enclosed???  Oh my, words cannot explain the touch and feel of these wonderful flosses...

I can see myself diving into MANY of these lovely projects in the future....


Additionally, I wanted to show you what I pulled out of the WIP basket since my latest finish....  Its a lovely piece by Handwork Primitives called The America Pillow....I have absolutely no idea why I put this one down but I plan on remedying the situation with a March finish on this project.....

This is how things stood as of Jan 1, 2011.......

And, here is how things look as of last night..... Rainy day yesterday, so I managed to stitch a good portion of the afternoon...

Belfast 32 ct "Autumn Fields" linen
Victorian Motto overdyed threads

Well, I need to get on in the kitchen and stir up some supper..... Mondays are my long days between working all day and tutoring after school.... I'm a little bit beat!~~~

Hope your evening is wonderful~~


Friday, March 4, 2011

Quaker Sampling II meets Blue Lagoon~~~~

If you ever get a chance to stitch this beautifully crafted Quaker Sampler by Ellen Chester's
"...with my Needle~...",  find a Belle Soie that you love, and go for it... That is exactly what I have done here.... This Blue Lagoon shade of the Belle Soie has been rattling around in my cabinet for a while just waiting for the right project....... A stitch that took about a week or so, I cannot wait to get this one framed and hung.....

Quaker Sampling II
..with my Needle..
35 ct Weeks "Straw" linen
Blue Lagoon silk thread by Belle Soie

 I loved this flowering urn in the center....

 And, a heads up...You will possibly need more than one skein of thread...I consider myself VERY frugal with  thread and had little frogging (this time.....)  Look, I nearly ran out!!!  Just 8 little strands left...Not enough to make the matching pin pillow I had wanted to make....sigh...

I need to get into my WIP basket and pull out another unfinished project that has been waiting for my attention....My "up for a challenge" project must go on...Since this was a new 2011 start/finish for me, I will see what beckons my call next~~~

Have a fantastic weekend everyone~~~


Thursday, March 3, 2011

Cutwork finish.....

I had alot of fun in my cutwork class these past 3 weeks..I just wanted to show you the finished stitches.... I really stepped out of my box with this piece especially when we started cutting threads and weaving them!

 25 ct white Lugana
Raspberry Sherbert Wildflowers thread
DMC white perle cotton

So, now I will have to decide how I am going to finish this piece...I hope to keep it  handy and refer back to some of the stitches so I can incorporate a couple of the specialty stitches in some cross stitch projects...

Oh, I wanted to shout out to any of you who might be in vicinity of Manning SC on March 12..Amy is having another gathering at the French Hen... It is a very good place to sit and eat....sit and stitch...or both!! Contact her at if you are interested in attending!!

Well, time to get busy in the kitchen....Suppertime soon~~

Happy stitching everyone!!