Sunday, January 22, 2012

Some Sunday finishing......

Greetings everyone!!  I sure do hope your weekend was fantastic and you found some time to stitch a little....I have been working on Sarah Eliz Brooke 1842 but not enough to show you an updated progress photo......But, I did manage to do some finishing today.... I decided that each time I sat down to finish something for a customer, I would finish something for myself.....My ever-growing basket of stitched items needs a little attention!

Here is what I can show you that are MY finishes.... (Abbie, Linda W and KathyR; your finishes will be going out tomorrow in the mail!!)
A while back I stitched this lovely freebie Earth Day design by Beth Twist and I fell in love with the verse...Truly words to live by this day and many of us are trying....

Free Earth Day chart
Heartstring Samplery
materials I had on hand
Victorian Motto dyed rick rack

Additionally, in 2011, I stitched up the talented Lori of Notforgotton Farms 800th post freebie chart... I love anything Lori designs and this cutie was no exception.....

Notforgotton Farms freebie design
all materials as specified
Victorian Motto "antique paprika" trim

These little pooches are just too cute.......

Finally, I was able to finiah a couple gifts...... Can't really say who they are for.....Am I being sneeky?

Well, I am cutting it close..... Bye for now...I am headed to watch Downton Abbey!!!


Friday, January 20, 2012

Sarah and I.....

I am beginning to think a few of us should have had a SAL stitching Sarah Elizabeth Brooke 1842 by Scarlett House.....

Margaret is showing her progress here..**

Nicole is showing her progress here..**

And there are a couple completions out there I have seen....

Well, here is my progress through this week......I will say it like I said it last post, I am LOVING this design~~~

 Sarah Elizabeth Brooke 1842
Scarlett House
40 ct Vintage Meadow Rue
Belle Soie silks as recommended

I just love how the Belle Soie threads have that subtle variance in shades.....Here's a closer look at some of the grass ....

Well, this is a semi-fly by post.....
I have been sewing up some more project pouches this week and have a few more orders to fill this upcoming week.....If you are interested to know more, you will find my email listed to the right under "View my complete profile".... I would be happy to hear from you if you are interested!!

Have a super great weekend everyone~~



Monday, January 16, 2012

Upate on Sarah.....and a giveaway to mention....

Brrrr...It's crazy cold here in the Carolinas~~~ I mean COLD for us!!
So, I spent yesterday and today hunkered inside to bond with Sarah just a little bit....
It may not look like alot, but the grasses all got filled in and some of the mortar between all those bricks is now there.........I am LOVING this project~~~ Sorry for such a dark photo...

Sarah Elizabeth Brooke
The Scarlett House
40 ct Vintage Meadow Rue
Belle Soie as specified

Secondly, I'd like to let you know that Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe is having another giveaway and this time it is a collection of her adorable charms....Many like those I used on my project pouches~~~  Head on over and check it out....~

Lastly, I would like all of you to welcome a fellow crafter and new blogger to our corner of the world...She is a quilter and you can find her here... Please stop by and say hello!!!

Well, heading now for a cuppa something hot....

Happy Stitching~~


Sunday, January 15, 2012

My French stitch, yesterdays project and giveaway winners~~~~

First off, I  would like to thank each and every one of you who has commented and/or emailed me about my project pouches.....WOW~~ I am truly humbled and inspired that so many of you take the time to follow me and shower me with these compliments...I appreciate it and lifts me so!

One of the most often asked questions, was "Where do you find the zipper pulls??"...Well, the little charms were found at the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe...Nancy had them shown on her right hand side bar and I took a look...She has it set up where you can buy individually and by the set. Once I found what I liked, I just emailed her direct...  The bird zipper pull actually was found at Michaels crafts...And the metal hooks I used to attach the charms were found at Hobby Lobby.

Before I announce the giveaway winner...suspense, suspense....I wanted to show you what I stitched this week.... Another that was on my list to stitch in 2012.... So here is my second completion for 2012..

Sous mon arbre
40 ct white linen
Atalie red silk thread from Marylin

This was such a fun stitch...I loved the silk thread and against the while linen, it simply pops!
Thanks again my sweet French friend......((Hugs))


Yesterday I embarked on reorganizing the garage and rather than bore you with before and after photos, I thought I would share a few of the unfound delights I ran across..... Quite a bit of the makeover involved repacking and storing many items of my dearly departed MIL, Mom, I called her...I still miss her to this day and I will admit I was reduced to tears more than once yesterday as I stood in the freezing cold garage sifting through the last of her valuables. She and one of her sisters did in fact crochet and tat some.....I ran across of box on these lovelies, and decided to pause and carefully fold each and every one filling a big basket.....

I was quite taken back when I ran across yards and  yards of this hand crocheted 1,2 and 3 inch lace. Some flat lace, other ruffled...Saving this, no doubt, for upcoming wedding gifts or baby showers to use...Aunt Carrie even had done some hem-stitching on linen for napkins and pillow cases. These items I will always treasure.

I also uncovered other sentimental items such as....

 Her husbands military proud to serve in WWII..

 One of her ledger books..15 x 6 inch size...You don't see these anymore. But, when you are a bookkeeper for the University of North Carolina, many manual entries surely would have been documented over her 32 year career......
This old fashioned suitcase has seen many a mile...I know she said she "courted" her husband for over a year traveling back and forth by train or bus between Burlington and Chapel Hill..I bet this beat up suitcase logged many a mile..

Now wasn't that better than seeing my neatly stacked shelves and spit-shine clean garage floors? I must admit, I am SO happy to have that 7 hour project checked off on my to-do list!!!

Now for the giveaway winner..or winners I should say....With 178 comments and 27 email requests to enter, I couldn't giveaway just one little project, I decided to pull 2 names for goodies...

Giveawy of the red project pouch with a few goodies inside will be...

Carol of Sampler Farm

Giveaway of another pouch with a few goodies inside will be...

Way to go ladies...If you could email me with your mailing address, I will be mailing out your goodies this coming week..........

If you are still reading, thanks for hanging on for todays ride....I want to end by saying as we all strive to live in harmony amongst each other and as we all approach our day with peace in mind; be mindful and caring that we are all equals in every way. Instead of pointing a finger, hold out a hand.

Many blessings,


Monday, January 9, 2012

~~ Studly Sergei has inspired my giveaway..~~

So many of you fell in love with my lastest main man...Sergei....  He is quite dapper all finished and all....Take a look.....
Plum Street Samplers
36 count Buttercream linen
specified threads (GAST and npi)

Lots of you said that he is in your to-do basket....I tell ya, perch him right on up on the nearest branch because you WILL be wanting to stitch up this handsome fellow...Mid-size project, gorgeous color palette and includes a bird in the win....

Yesterday I got in my craft room and said I was going to sew a project pouch for my *giveaway*..
I knew I needed to find fabric in my stash that included a) red and b) a bird.
Well.......feast your eyes on the project pouches I came up with!!

See that one in the middle??? The one with the BIRD zipper pull? That is one of the things I will give away to one of my followers.. I won't tell you what else may be included....You will have to wait and see....I will be drawing a name from this post only on Sunday, January 15..

I think I have gotton carried away a little bit with my zipper pulls...I have searched high and low to find those cute charms to dangle from the zippers....

I guess I have gone a little pouch crazy here lately, but I have found a girl just can't have too many of these......seriously...I even have one of the smaller ones in my laptop bag holding my mouse and zip drive.....

So, I leave you a snap of what I think Sergei will look like once he has been added to the Hall of Fame.....or perhaps he will win the People's Choice Award.........

Quite stately indeed!!

Have a fantastic week everyone~~~


Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meet my new best friend....Sergei....

Just a late night post to show you who I've been hanging out with this week....

Yep, you all know him....Sergei~~~

36 Buttercream Linen
specified threads

Paulette has hit another home run with this winner of a design~~~

Okay....I told you this one would be brief....Back to the Sergei bird.......


Monday, January 2, 2012

January Cottage...My 2012 list...and GIFTS~~~

Okay....I struggled with my blog title today....What can I say....

Thanks for all the compliments about Sarah Eliz.Brooke! It truly is a beautiful sampler which I enjoying every single stitch....

When I arrived home this morning from my little beach sabbatical, I hopped it on into the craftroom and popped my latest finish into the chocolate brown frame that was waiting...
The Country Cottage Needleworks SAL is in full swing and they are so tiny and quick, I planted my last stitches in "January" and framed it to enjoy throughout the month...
40 count Lakeside Exemplar
Silk threads (email me for the conversion)
Added vintage lace at top....

Then I began opening mail that had arrived over the last week...Sheesh, I don't need anymore credit card applications, junk mail marketing leaflets or bills....tee-hee...BUT, I DID need a couple of envelopes that were laying there staring at me!!!

First off, from France, my dear friend Marylin had sent me the most darling of gifts....
Feast your eyes....
A perfectly stitched ornament with red checked ribbon, fabrics AND buttons....Is that not the cutest?? And, she knows my love for red silk thread so she included a couple skeins along with some wonderful french linen...It will truly be a special piece when I use that linen!!
Thanks so very, very much Marylin! You are truly a wonderful friend from across the oceans~~ if that were not enough, I was totally surprised to see another envelope with special international markings on clue what this was going to be....
The "Stitch it and Pass it on" Exchange had peaked my interest earlier in 2011 and so I had decided to participate...Long story short, things got bogged down and I was not to receive an ornament even though I had stitched one and done my problem...I know these things happen... BUT, evidently Tracy and Hazel wanted to make things, they sent me this...!~
 They included some beautiful Christmas fabric and metallic DMC along with a finished ornament..
Guys, you didn't have to do that...But, I love it that you did~~~ Thanks so, so much!!
Even the back has my name stitched on it...I LOVE it~~~

Many of you commented that you can't wait to see my to-do list for 2012...Well, I think I may have gone a little overboard, but one can dream...right???  So, here is what's on my mind to stitch up this no particular order.........

Plum Street Samplers- Sergei
Carriage House Samplings- Fredrick
Little House Needleworks- My Dwelling Place
The Scarlett House-Sarah Elizabeth Brooke 1842 (WIP)
Primitive Traditions-A Petite Huswife
Tree of Life- Emma rose Freedom
Carriage House Samplings-The Gilded Cage
Marjorie Massey- Sous Mon arbre
Sampler Company- The Hetty Child
The Scarlett House-Emma Mills 1839
LHN- The Family Sampler (WIP)
Threadwork Primitives-Autumn Majesty Needleroll
La-D-Da-Yellow Bird (in blues...)
Hillside Samplings-Be You to Others
With thy Needle-Birds of a Feather
LHN_Thirteen Colonies
Sheepish Designs-Betsy
CHS-Shores of Hawk Run Hollow (WIP)
CHS-Quaker Stocking
Pineberry Lane-Autumn on Marigold Lane
Stacy Nash Primitives- Netty's Sampler Pinkeep Drum

and....of course my monthly CCN Cottages.....
AND.. I am embarking on something a little new...I have every single one of the Prarie Schooler Santa charts from 1984 through 2011....I want to stitch at least one each month and over time have all 28 stitched to finish up as ornaments....What would be nicer than a PS Santa tree one year..?..

I told you it was an aggressive list of want-to's.... If I get half of them completed I will be a happy camper... But, I like to set my bar high just to see how close I can come to it~~

If you are still reading, sorry for the long post..... Thanks for hanging in there with me...

Until next post.........Happy Stitching everyone~~~


Sunday, January 1, 2012

Sarah Elizabeth Brooke 1842

Greetings friends and happiest of New Year to you all.....

We are still here at the coast of South Carolina for a brief stay before work resumes on Tuesday, but I did want to share what I have been working on the past several days...

I have been laying some bricks.....and planting a little grass with Sarah.....

Sarah Elizabeth Brooke 1842
The Scarlett House
40 ct Lakeside Vintage Meadow Rue
Belle Soie silks as recommended

Here is how things stood with her at the end of October when I sat her down to work on Christmas stitches.....

Like many of you, I am formulating my 2012 list of wants and to-do's...I have penciled mine down and hope to finalize things in the next couple days....It's an aggressive  list....And, fortunately I already have alot of the supplies on hand.....So, we will see!!!

I hope everyone has a great week as we all try to ease back into our normal routines...

Take care......((hugs)) from me to you~~~