Thursday, September 17, 2009

How lucky was I today when I got home and saw that I had a package from Jill of "purple peacock"??VERY NICE Jill!~ I love the beautiful pinkeep she made for me as part of the LHN Exchange. She used 28ct Antique White Linen and DMC 115...And finished it into my favorite~~ For those of you who might have been lucky enough to recieve something from Jill, you know what an expert finisher she is...Jill, I love the saying (perfect for me!) and love love love the color red!~ Thanks again for making my day!~~

Now, an update from my craft room....I made the BOLD move to pull out my WIP's and just see what in the world I have on hand...I had read on several blogs that fall is "nesting" time and so I jumped on the bandwagon to inventory my own WIP....I have 19 wip's and let me tell you, I was afraid it was much more......Sadly, my oldest is from 1986 (yikees!)...the ABC's by Jean Farish...Remember Jean you oldie moldies out there??? Anyway, most of the WIP are from the 1999-2002 era.....most are unfinished Threads of Gold samplers....I and WILL be working on several of them this winter....especially those that are over half done....shame on me!~~

I have kept to my word with SoHRH and Quaker Lady....a block a month on about to finish block 2...This piece is challenging on 40 ct but I am loving it! So, will keep you posted...

Well, must sign off to get dinner on the table guys...Have a good one!!!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Exchange pieces have been received!!~~

The most beautiful exchange pieces came for me in the mail this week!! First, Chris from the UK sent an entire box of goodies for the By the Sea Exchange with HoE2. There was Polstitches fabric, DMC floss, a Totes bag, pen, sticky pad and the most beautiful pinkeep! I love the Just Nan design and the blue fabric was perfect. The mermaids even have silver needles in their hands!! Love this one Chris! Thanks so much for making this for me. You do excellent work!!

And if that weren't enough, I received a great package from Edgar in our Christmas Ornament Exchange. Edgars work is incredible as many of you may know. He chose a quaker design with red birds (perfect for this NC girl!~)...The design is by Praiseworthy Stitches and uses Belle Soie Scarecrow and Rose of Sharon thread....Beautiful job Edgar! I will cherish it knowing you made it just for me!! Thanks so much!

As we round out our lesson on friendship in school this week, I can honestly say how lucky I am to have all of you in my circle of stitching friends..Whether you are in one of my exchanges or private exchanges,just drop me a one liner comment on the blog or are a stitch friend I email with, I truly cherish every comment and compliment knowing we are friends through our love of stitchery. Thanks friends!!