Friday, February 10, 2017

Sarah Comfort 1810

Greetings friends and fellow stitchers..... 2017 is moving along at a swift pace~ I have a been very busy in my craft room sewing, stitching and finishing for many of you~ I have also been in a huge Quaker stitching mood.... I've pretty much dedicated 2017 to stitching Quaker style designs~ It's something I've wanted to do for a long time... So, behind the scenes, I have completed a black monochrome sampler to add to my Quaker collection..... Sarah Comfort 1810 is my second completed Quaker stitch this year~ 

Sarah Comfort 1810

Queenstown Sampler Designs

Stitched on 32 count Dixie Sampler Runestone Linen

310 DMC cotton thread

(2 threads over 2 & 1 thread over 1)


Sarah was 9 years old when she stitched this sampler.... She wanted to show her teachers that she had learned her alphabet and was branching out by stitching over 1 thread and stitching the satin stitch. I still find it amazing that children could  master stitching at this young age! 


I like the simplicity of this sampler..... knowing it was envisioned and created by a nine year old girl makes me so proud of Sarah...... 

Sarah also dedicated this sampler to her family~ She must have loved them very much! She listed her parents by name........1 over 1; the tiniest of stitches..... 

Her brother and sisters names are also stitched on the sampler..... Sarah was one of five children in the Comfort family..... I wonder if the other siblings stitched their own samplers.... 

This sampler will certainly make a statement once framed.... It is going in my "to be framed" pile for now and in March I will have 3 pieces framed as a collection..... 

Barbara Hutson of Queenstown Sampler Designs saw my post about Sarah Comfort and sent me a picture of Margaret Comfort, Sarah's mom... I will be printing this picture and attach it not only to the outside back of the framed piece, but will include it inside the framed piece.... In case the outside photo ever falls off, the inside photo will always be there... I can't thank Barbara enough for sending this to me~


Here's hoping your weekend is fantastic filled with warmth, laughter and stitching!!