Saturday, July 31, 2010

My Giveaway and an update...

Thanks for all the prayers, emails and comments my friends! My MIL remains in the hospital after 2 longs weeks, but she did leave ICU yesterday. It will be a long haul, but as I have mentioned in the past, she is a 92 yr old fighter.... Thanks again for all the heartwarming prayers...I feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful blogging world and have friends that I can reach out too....

Now, as I have whiled away the hours at the hospital these days, I have come home at night noticing a pattern of sorts.....BIRDS..... Everything I have been working on has had a bird in it! AND..... Ironically enough, I have a duplicate of the beloved "Fredricka" chart by Carriage House Samplings and I thought what better way to honor this extra, but was to put it in the Followers Giveaway I would like to host!

So, the chart, flosses and linen will be sent to follower soon.....I will draw names on Friday Aug 6 so leave a comment (on this post only) and let me know what you are currently working on...I love to read the comments I get and would be interested to know what is keeping you busy these days.....

My Followers Giveaway package

Here's hoping everyone has a great weekend....Find something or someone to enjoy each day... Those are the memories you will hold on to forever!!


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Just to let you know....

My homework is done and I have pulled out my address book to send them off soon! If you are sick of hearing about my little pin pillows...sorry... Here are 2 more headed out to a new home..You cant see the pins I made too well, but they are in there....

"Tis Green" by La-D-Da/Roasted Chestnut GAST
JCS ornament preview issue
Liselotte freebie
Victorian Motto Sampler Thread-faded red

I also am noticing I have 200 followers now~~ How did that happen????????? My goodness! I am honored and I'd say this calls for a giveaway!!! SO......... look for an upcoming post soon showing you what I have in mind...It could be a Carriage House ( I have a couple duplicates...) Or, it just might be Blackbird or Little House Needleworks..............No telling!!! So, stay tuned......

On a personal note....I am calling out for prayers for my sweet 92 year old MIL...... She has been in ICU now for about a week with multiple problems.....She is the sweetest lady you could ever meet and she and I have been more like mother/daughter than you can imagine... She's a fighter and I am not ready to lose her...So, knowing how supportive we are in our blogging "family"...could you hold her in your prayers?

Until next time, ((**Hugs**)) to all of you......... Faye

Friday, July 23, 2010

All I can say is "Wow~~"

As I TORE into the box yesterday afternoon after a LONNGG day in my classroom, these lovelies were smiling back at me.......oh boy! I was thinking.........

And those cute tied up packages turned into this AWESOME display of winnings from Jan of Tree of Life Samplings!!! My giveaway had arrived.....And, let me just say I was absolutely BLOWN AWAY at all the goodies I had received!!!!!!!!! Let me see...Vera Bradley, Kelmscott needle minder, Thread winder and Putford scissors, Stone and Thread darling red star buttons, Picture this Plus linen in "Heather" and "Lupine" (beautiful hand dyed 36 ct linen), 9 gorgeous npi silks and 8 luscious Belle Soie silks...Its a wonder I didn't pass out!!...I think my throat might be a little sore from squealling though................. I cannot thank you enough Jan for this most generous giveaway package.........I truly LOVE every single thing you put in it!!

And, if you have never taken a look at her Tree of Life Samplings designs, you really should go take a look! Her sampler designs are absolutely stunning!

Then I went to pull some fabric for my latest finish......The Sparrow's Song by The Goode Huswife............And, what I saw made me stop and say....Did Moda make this "Red Bird in the Bowers" for my piece?? Amazing that those birds and vines look so much like the cross stitch design....Don't you agree the colors couldn't be better??????

The Sparrow's Song
The Goode Huswife
Finally, I ran across yet another WIP in my basket that is over half done..... I guess I am in a nesting mood....This Threads of Gold design called "1738 Scottish Sampler" was just laying there...Where I had put it a good while ago....So, I need to go ahead and finish this one next...I love the rich I will keep you posted....

(sorry for the wrinkles...)

Here's hoping everyone has a great weekend and try to stay cool.....Hotter than you know what here in the Carolinas as it is most everywhere right now.............
I have truly been smiled upon lately and I hope I can pass that smile on to others!! Faye

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Twice in one day??? Wow....

Pssst... Hey... Take a gander what came to MY house today.....! Its my giveaway winnings from Jolene.... And, can I just say, she knows how to make a winner feel oh so special!! A Vera Bradley purse, which is to die for....a gorgeous red dollie, which I can most definitely use considering my fixation with red stitchy stuff....a pattern called "Teach" by The Gathering appropriate is that??...And, a kit by Sheperd's Bush called "Old Glory"!! All that along with a cute bookmark and the sweetest note....I just beside myself!!!

Give-away from Jolene

AND, I had the nicest Thank you note in my box from Sharlotte...She and I have done some private exchanges here lately....She made this cute little tag with a stitched flower on it......... It is absolutely darling...

Notecard from Sharlotte

So, here's to everyone staying cool (95 here...) and lots of stitching done~~~ Thanks for sharing in my excitement!!! Faye

Sunday, July 18, 2010

**Friendly encounters, a WIP and homework**

Yesterday, several of us met up with a dear friend for the day... She is like a mentor and got all of us properly introduced to the world of cross stitching MANY years ago. Edna Medlin of
Em-Li's, Thread of Gold introduced us to linen and no telling how many sampler charts...

It inspired me to come home and look in my basket of some of the many WIP's I have.... Some of which are true antiques...I spotted my long lost "The Sparrow's Song" by The Goode Huswife.... Now isn't is crying shame I got this far and put it down????? This WILL be finished next as I would guess I have less than 1/3 to go!! What was I thinking????? I especially was drawn to the fall-ish colors.....And, that seems to be the frame of mind I have been in of late...

The Sparrow's Song
The Goode Huswife
Natural 32 ct linen, DMC floss

And, as you can see, I still have a few pin pillows to finish up....the crushed walnut shells are in...just needs to be seamed up and the buttons attached.... I have RAK'd 3 fellow stitchersthis month, so I will hang on to these in case I need a quick gift.... So, guess I have a little weekend homework!

On a personal note, I want to say a special thank you to many of you who take the time to visit and post a comment. I have not been really good about replying to each and every one of you but please know, I DO read each comment. I am touched with the kind words and encouragement that you like what I do. That, in itself, inspires me so much!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and I hope all of you have a fantastic upcoming week!

((**Hugs**)) from me to you, Faye

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A fun finish~~

Quickie post to show off my newly completed scissor pocket~~ I finished things off last night and I just love the completed project..... Several of you have asked me about how to contact Barbara Bernard for her charts...I have emailed her and she gave me permission to let you know how to contact her...She can be emailed at
So, this is the finished Quaker Motif Scissor Pocket...

( front)


Well, need to get some things done, but wanted to give everyone a shout out today~~~
Peace, Faye

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

**Fireworks Stocking**

Greetings to everyone this fine HOT Tuesday~~~ I just wanted to show you the cutest little stocking I received in yesterday's mail.....Due to a HUGE thunderstorm, I was unable to take a snap until this afternoon......... I have never seen anything made up using Waterlilies "Fireworks" floss....But, lucky for me, Rebecca had my name in a little BBD exchange that a few of us were in and I am here to show it off today!~~ What a great addition to my patriotic tree in the craft room Rebecca~~~~I am totally in love with how this coloration streams through with those fabulous patriotic shades... Amazing~ Rebecca also mentioned that she tries to collect pearl buttons when on her scavenger hunts and although my picture doesnt diplay it very well, she attached the ribbon with a vintage pearl button.... Love that idea too~~~

Well, I need to get in the kitchen folks~~ Although it was our first Teacher Workday back today, I am still very tired~ Whew!! This getting back in a routine thing is going to be interesting~~ **Happy Stitching** Faye

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Coasting.....for sure!

Hello to all my stitching buds out in blogland~~ Yes, I am still at the coast of SC for another week blissfully enjoying my few weeks off for summer.... Year round resumes July19 so guess who will be back at next week this time dressing up the classroom for my new batch of first grade darlings??? I really love the 9 weeks in school, 3 weeks out of school schedule....

I think I kinda FELL IN LOVE with the new La-D-Da pattern in the JCS ornament preview issue called " 'Tis Green "......... I went a little crazy and played with threads I thought were pretty for the fall..... These will be gifts made into pincushions....So, guess I now have some homework.........

La-D-Da Christmas ornament
Roasted Chestnut/Autumn Leaves/Chives
Random dyed linen end pieces

Then I found my little freebie pattern I like to use by Liselotte (see previous posts..) Its actually a biscornu pattern, but it comes together perfectly as a pincushion filled with walnut shells... I had brought all my threads with me to the beach, so I played around with some I rarely use...

Dinky Dyes silks (purple and blue)
Faded Red by Victorian Motto Threads
Green Vicki Clayton Hand Dyed Silk

I actually found time to finish my Quaker Motif Scissor Pocket by Barbara Bernard (no blog)..All I have to do now is find the lining fabric that suits me just right... I already have the perfect button to use and I can hand stitch the running stitch that surrounds the piece....Hopefully I will get this done soon and you can see the finished piece....
Quaker Motif Scissor Pocket
"A Token of Love"
32 ct linen coffee dyed by me

Last but not least...I had meant to show you gifts given to me earlier in June... From Char (no blog) I received the BBD blue bird made into the cutest pillow....Some of us from the PALS retreat had a private exchange and Char drew my name...thanks so much Char~~~ I just love this little pillow you made for me....AND, Amy, spoiled me the last time we visited by giving me a pincushion she had made out the dreamiest Moda fabrics.... LOVE the fall flavor that it has... Thanks again Amy~ Your talent continues to amaze me~~~

So, that's it from me.......... Back to the beach tomorrow for a few last days before I return next week.... Here's hoping you all have a week where the sun's out, the surf's up and you are sipping something frosty as you chill.............((**Hugs**)) to all, Faye