Monday, April 13, 2015


Greetings all!!!! I'm about to get the hang of the new app Blogsy.... I think~ :-) and, I'm just a little excited to shout from the rooftops about my latest finish for Kathy Barrick.... It's her new Punchneedle design due to release very soon.... You have NO IDEA how honored I was when she contacted me! And, giving me full creative reign was the bonus..... Here is what I came up with for Kathy~

A Sewing Bag..... akin to a Diddie Bag...


I also finished a retreat piece for the upcoming Primitive Stitchers Society Retreat for Kathy Barrick... But the design and finish will remain a mystery until she is ready to reveal.... Again, a total honor to even be asked to work with her!

So, the first day back to school after Spring Break is in the record books.... Whew, it was wild and crazy.... So this tired lady is signing off!

Keep a smile on your face, needle with linen in your hands and kindness in your heart~~







Saturday, April 11, 2015

Another Spring break finish~

Greetings friends......

In keeping with tradition and my love for all things red, I stitched the design Blackbird by Blackbird Designs while on my break from work this past week..... Yes, Blackbird became Redbird.... And, I omitted the border, along with stitching a small leaf vine under the tree....A simple leaf vine I made up by mimicking the leaves in the tree.... Simply said, I made it my own~

I thought the DMC 3777 on 36 count Buttercreme linen would be a nice combo.....

Using one thread over 2 made the design just enough pop.....

And I added a few newly made and very fragrant cinnamon pins....

Looking forward to returning to my craftroom tomorrow.... Picking up where I left off with finishing some of your fantastic stitches.... Thanks for your patience in allowing me the pause... I certainly was able to recharge~

Take time to enjoy the journey~




Friday, April 10, 2015

Today's picture walk~

Greetings friends and stitchers....

I'm trying a new blog app, so please excuse me being on a learning curve..... I've been sewing and sewing here lately, getting ready for the upcoming Prim Stitchers Society Retreat in Williamsburg VA later this month~ I guess you may say I'm a little excited because not only am I going as an attendee, but will be a vendor as well! This will be my first time ever as a vendor, and I'm thrilled to not only get to meet and share ideas with so many of you, but to be seeing things from the perspective of marketing my project bags, project sewing rolls and several unique Carolina Stitcher Hand Goodes.... Crossing my fingers~~

I have also been finishing for several of you guys and here is what has been created by my hands.... Your stitching; my finishing....

Pineberry Lane~ This is my Work

Stacy Nash My Stitching Book

Blackbird Designs~ In Full Glory



Louise and Henry~ LittleHouse Needleworks~

A drawstring bag to hold a knitting project.....14" x 18"~

Sweet Violets~ Littlehouse Needleworks.... 12 x 15" project bag

That's it for now...... I'll be in touch again soon!