Saturday, December 23, 2017

A special bag for a special project~ 

I know many of you are ready for Christmas Day.... Baking is done, wrapping is done, lists have been double checked.... One more day and unbelievably, Christmas 2017 will be in the books! Amazing!

I’ve been setting my sights to 2018.... a little……… I plan on my large stitch projects in 2018 to be reproduction Samplers beginning with the Uffindell sisters Samplers reproduced by Hands Across the Seas. I will be stitching Isabella Uffindell first and then her younger sister Ann Uffindell’s Sampler. I’ve been excited about starting and it’s been hard to hold off until 1-1-18. 

Isn’t this stunning!? I love the reds and all the greens... Isabella was the older sibling, like me, so I was drawn to her... Today I made an extra large Carolina Stitcher Project Bag to organize all the supplies for both samplers~

I used a special floral fabric as the insert... A near perfect match to the flowers and greenery the girls stitched in their samplers ……

I’m keeping a notecard for each of the Samplers in my Stitch bag as well... I think I’ll document my stitching either daily or weekly when stitching. It will be fun to go and read my comments about the journey once I’m finished stitching these projects~

I bought several notecards from Sassy Jacks in Asheville NC when I purchased the chart.... The notecards themselves are works of art…

I don’t normally gusset my bags, but there’s quite a bit of goodies needed for this Stitch.....

A few linens auditioned but after the AVAS silks floss toss, 40 count Vintage Pecan Butter by Lakeside Linen won out…… 

Just like my 2017 stitching Quaker Samplers, I’ll chip away on reproduction Samplers in 2018... Loving the journey, taking in each lovely stitch ~

Additionally, I’ll be attending the lecture by Nicola Parkman of Hands Across the Sea on Jan 5 at Sassy Jacks in Asheville~ I’ve been a long time admirer of Nicola and consider her quite the authority and historian of needlework Samplers…… Meeting her in person will be an absolute thrill!  To top off all this, I’ve learned the actual antique Samplers are on display at the shop!  Stitching, meeting Nicola Parkman, seeing the antique Samplers, lecture and a trip to Asheville... Merry Christmas to me, right??

I hope you’re settled into the Season, Happy and blissfully stitching~ 


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